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06-29-2006, 10:11 AM
OK, so we have Granger and Williams at the SF. Assuming we re-sign Peja...that leaves us with 3 SF (not counting Jackson whom I assume will spend time at the 2 if he is still here).

1) If they re-sign Peja he will certainly get the majority of minutes at the 3 (as well he should with the $$ he will get). Yet, Granger certainly needs to get "starters minutes" this year if he is to continue his development. Bird has said that he expects Williams to "be a player" by the all star break. How in the world can that possibly happen with Peja and Granger fighting for minutes?

2) Will they really play Granger at the 2? Is this how he will get his minutes? If so, what does that mean for Jackson?

3) Bird made the comment about Williams and Granger playing on the floor at the same time. Uhhh....what?

4) How in the world do either of these players fit into Carlisle's system? Saras sure as hell didn't.

I really believe we will see some major trades for this team. However, I expect them to be simply to get rid of certain people. I expect to see Tinsley and Jackson gone for scraps, nothing of value in return (look - it is not like we are sending value out, right?). If we can trade them (and I am not sure we can), that opens the door for the following:

- Saras and AJ at the point (we need a 3rd PG)
- White/Granger/Jones/Saras/AJ at the two (this looks really bad)
- Peja/Granger/Williams at the 3

If we cannot trade Tins and Jackson, we will have the following:

- Saras/AJ/Tins at the point (Tins deserves nothiong more than the 3rd PG until his "health" improves)
- Jackson/White/Granger/Jones/at the two (this looks much better with Jack than without - although we certaily would no longer need Fred)
- Peja/Granger/Williams at the 3

As for the system that we run....unless Rick is gone I really don't see much changing. Since when does he prefer an "uptempo" system anyway? Since when does he play rookies? How will Williams and White ever get off the bench this year? Granger was lucky that Artest blew up last year, or he would not have gotten nearly the amount of minutes that he did.