View Full Version : {Pacers.com QOD} Would Brewer or Collins be right for Pacers?

06-21-2006, 11:31 AM
Q. With the upcoming draft, in my opinion the Pacers should select a player like Mardy Collins (from Temple) or a player like Ronnie Brewer out of Arkansas. Both can hold their own offensively, but Collins makes a great point guard as well, so he can get the ball to Jermaine O'Neal on the inside. If the Pacers want to acknowledge O'Neal's wishes by taking a center, they should do it in the second round and take someone like Eric Hicks out of Cincinnati. Although in many ways he can be a power forward, that's the kind of thing they need - consistent scoring down low from someone other than Jermaine. Do you agree? (From Oakley in Broadus, Mont.)

A. Both players are likely to be in the group of players from which the Pacers select at No. 17 in next Wednesday's draft and, though of different positional profiles, offer some of the same skills. Both are two-position players (Collins at both guard spots, Brewer at shooting guard and small forward) with length, athleticism and reputations for defensive tenacity. I suspect the latter qualities would be the most interesting to the Pacers, who need to shore up their perimeter defense.
Neither is considered a particularly strong long-range shooter, though both have strong reputations as scorers. The 6-7 Brewer (the son of former NBA standout Ron Brewer) led Arkansas at 18.4 points per game as a senior. The 6-6 Collins averaged 15.4 for his career and finished No. 4 on Temple's all-time list.

They're in a large group of players with similar overall profiles, though differing skills. After the lottery picks, a player could be selected anywhere from 14 to 40 and not be a measurably better prospect than anyone else in that group. It's going to be a matter of how the player's skills fit with the team's needs and how much potential they project. As for selecting Hicks in the second round, that would seem to be questionable because at 6-6 he's an undersized power forward. If the Pacers want to go big there, they are more likely to be looking at guys like Pitt's Kevin Pittsnogle, Michigan State's Paul Davis, UConn's Josh Boone or UCLA's Ryan Hollins.