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Jose Slaughter
06-17-2006, 06:08 PM
Here is how the Pacer Digest NBA Draft has played out so far, with the number of votes the player received as well as total votes.

1. Toronto -------- LaMarcus Aldridge ---- 16 of 48
2. Chicago -------- Tyrus Thomas -------- 22 of 39
3. Charlotte ------- Adam Morrison ------- 19 of 32
4. Portland -------- Brandon Roy --------- 13 of 39
5. Atlanta --------- Andrea Bargnani ----- 24 of 45
6. Minnesota ------ Rudy Gay ------------ 19 of 21
7. Boston --------- Patrick O'Bryant ------ 12 of 41
8. Houston -------- Marcus Williams ------ 19 of 37
9. Golden State --- Rodney Carney -------- 8 of 27
10. Seattle ------- Sheldon Williams ------ 10 of 25
11. Orlando ------- Randy Foye ----------- 7 of 18
12. New Orleans --- Cedric Simmons ------- 8 of 20

With the 13th pick, Philadelphia

Player info provided by NBADraft.net http://www.nbadraft.net/index.asp


Saer Sene 7-0, 235 1986
Strengths: An absolutely jaw dropping physical specimen with his combination of size, length, strength, athleticism and mobility ... Very disruptive defensively and rebounds the ball well ... Has a 7'8" wingspan making him a force as a shot blocker ... Already getting playing time at the Senior level for Pepinster and getting decent minutes and stats ... Runs the floor well ... Great hands, has no problems catching the ball or rebounding ... Extremely agile, he can fall down on the court like a cat, not heavily like most big man ... Very coach-able and a hard working kid.

Weaknesses: Still doesn't have much offensive game to speak of ... Only began playing basketball in 2003 so he's still learning the game ... Must continue working hard to maximize his great potential.

Aaron Gray 7-0, 270 Jr.
Strengths: Late bloomer who showed incredible improvement in his junior season ... At 7-0, 270 pounds, Gray has tremendous size and strength ... Rebounds the ball very well, his best attribute ... Also has above average passing ability ... Has developed some effective moves in near the basket ... Through hard work has shown excellent progress in his body, mobility and game ... Shows solid fundamentals and good mechanics shooting the ball ... Free throw shooting stll just average but showing steady improvement ... Uses his body well to create shots, enjoys contact. Has good toughness ... Plays to his strengths rebounding and scoring on put backs.

Weaknesses: Lacks great agility and body control ... Struggles coordinating his feet on drives to the basket and in transition ... Lacks great touch and range on his shot. FG% far below where it needs to be for a center ... Turnover prove, doesn't have great ability to protect the basketball ... Slow foot speed and lateral quickness ... Plays better in the half court set ... Not a big leaper ... Struggles offensively against athletic shot blockers ... Decent shot blocker due to his size, but does not get great lift, and wont be a huge shot blocker on the next level.

Hilton Armstrong 6-11, 235 Sr.
Strengths: A legitimate 6'11 big man with a wingspan that allows him to play bigger … Big time shot blocker, especially in transition ... Athletic and strong, he can run the floor well and play above the rim ... Great hands, catches everything and rebounds well ... Very good rebounding technique ... Good passer, has the ability to make the necessary pass from the low post … Very good at put-backs and cleaning up the glass ... Can throw down some thunderous dunks ... Has the quickness to leave the paint and alter shots ... Has improved his free throw shooting substantially … Vastly improved offensive game ... Has developed a consistent intermediate (12 feet and in) jumpshot that he did not possess until his senior year.

Weaknesses: Not very polished on the offensive end, partly due to the fact that he only averaged 10, 10 and 12 minutes per game his first three years ... Although he has the size to play center in the NBA, he could add more weight and strength ... Below average court awareness, gets caught making mistakes in defensive switch-offs … Plays inconsistent on the offensive end, his confidence seems to get shaken if he's not making his shots…. Plays timid at times, lacks the killer edge, consistency ... Good lateral quickness, but when he gets drawn out of the paint, he's susceptible to the pump fake which makes his leave his feet early and take some bad fouls ... Mental toughness has been a question for him in the past.

Power Forwards

Oleksiy Pecherov 6-10, 232 1985
Strengths: Athletic European with inside/outside game ... Very skilled big man. Knows how to play close to the basket, but excels outside ... His coordination and height are a great combination ... Plays very well on the perimeter, jump shot out past 20 feet is consistent ... Even knocks down the three point shot ... A real offensive threat with great form and confidence in his jump shot ... Plays very aggressively ... Has a scorers mentality ... Nice quickness ... Loves to face the basket ... Good ball handler for a PF ... Has good rebounding ability with good leaping and good second and third jump ability ... Very strong legs ... Plays hard, good attitude.

Weaknesses: Not the classic banger of a power forward ... Lacks the foot speed to defend small forwards ... Must become better defensively ... Lacks a great back to the basket game ... Needs to develop better consistency ... Should look to get more arch on his shot ... Lacks the frame to add significant weight, his shoulders are small and seem completely filled out ... In the NBA his lack of bulk will likely hurt him rebounding.

Josh Boone 6-10, 237 Jr.
Strengths: Long, explosive bigman ... Blue collar guy, does the dirty work to help his team win ... Has a great attitude, plays hard, wants to improve ... Strong defensively ... Explosive leaper, with good timing and instincts on blocked shots ... Giant wingspan gives him added size ... Fights hard for rebounds, hustles for loose balls ... Big strong hands, when he gets his hands on a rebound it's his ... Has a big, strong frame and should be able to add another 5-10 pounds without losing much mobility ... Should be able to see time at the center position in the NBA ... Runs the floor very well, excellent transition game ... Good vision and passing ability ... Scores well around the basket ... Has a nice turnaround jump hook ... Knows his limitations offensively and plays to his strengths ... Has excellent durability having missed just one game in his college career ... Quick feet, very nimble for his size.

Weaknesses: Limited offensively ... Scores a majority of his baskets on dunks, put backs and shots around the basket ... Struggles from the free throw line ... Can get down on himself when things aren't going well, needs to become better composed ... Not a superstar prospect, his upside is limited somewhat by his offensive shortcomings ... Needs to develop better offensive post moves ... Must develop a consistent mid range jump shot ... A little rigid in his upper body, not fluid with his ball skills.

Kevin Pittsnogle 6-10, 255 Sr.
Strengths: Pittsnogle is a tremendous shooting bigman. He has proven time and again that he can not only knock down shots from outside with consistency, but also big shots in big game stuations ... Adept at hitting shots with a player in his face ... On the next level, he will spread the floor forcing a big man to guard him on the perimeter ... Hard worker, worked hard on improving his athleticism and quickness in the past year and it is showing with his adding mobility, which is allowing him to score and rebound better ... His conditioning has also allowed him to play significantly more minutes than he did in previous seasons ... Has good competitiveness and toughness ... Excellent free throw shooter at 85% ... Great maturity, four year player at West Virginia ... His passing skills and ball protection have improved in his senior year ... Has added a nice turn around jump hook to his offensive game.

Weaknesses: Not a great interior presence on either end of the floor ... Lacks great quickness and agility ... Slow foot speed makes him just an average defender ... Needs to work on improving his post game, he prefers to drift out to the perimeter to look for 3 point shots ... Cant really be anything more than a catch and shoot player from the outside. His lack of foot speed limits his ability to get by defenders off the dribble ... Not a defensive presence, lacks great explosiveness to block shots.

Small Forwards

Shawne Williams 6-9, 225 Fr.
Strengths: Has tremendous versatility, at 6-9 Shawne can play from the 1-thru-4 positions ... Advanced offensive game, really understands how to play ... Great one on one skills offensively ... Great vision, passing skills ... Good ball handler, almost second nature ... Can create for himself or others off the dribble drive ... Consistent jump shot, with range out to three point ... A highlight reel waiting to happen ... Extremely long wingspan makes him a terrific rebounder and shot blocker ... Good competitor, doesn't back down from a challenge, as he showed squaring off with Adam Morrison after being pushed ... His body is not far from being NBA ready.

Weaknesses: Low-release point on his jumper could cause problems at the next level ... Will need to develop better defensive technique, more intensity ... Quickness is very good, but won't stand out on the next level ... Still must add strength and conditioning.

Marcus Vinicius 6-9, 220 1984
Strengths: A natural born offensive player, Marcus can do anything with the ball. Has a perfect shot, shooting from the 3-pt line or the perimeter. With his size, can shoot over anyone and his long arms provide a high release point. Has all the fundaments of the game, can pass, dribble, play post-up, penetrate the boards and his ball-handling is very strong for a men of his size. Runs the floor like a 6-3 guy, with spectacular agility and he excels in the fast break situation. Already has a good leaping ability and his body hasn't fully developed so it can improve.

Weaknesses: Defense; he has a lot to learn defensively. Doesn't seem to enjoy playing defense and will have to improve his intensity and effort here. Also must gain some strength and bulk to contend with NBA players. Sometimes looks lost and has bouts of inconsistency, but his knowledge and feel for the game will improve as he gains experience. He's still learning the game but with international experience (Italian league), in three years Marcus could be a top 3 International prospect.

Louis Amundson 6-8, 225 Sr.
Strengths: Tremendous rebounder at the small forward position ... A late bloomer who has long been an extremely athletic player and has worked very hard to add offensive abilities to his game ... An energy player who gives great effort every game ... Plays within himself ... Extremely quick and explosive, plays the game with passion ... Long arms and great leaping ability ... Crashes the boards especially hard, a tenacious rebounder on both ends of the floor ... Tough to guard close to the basket ... Very good defensively with quick feet and the desire to work hard on the defensive end ... Wiry strong athlete who absorbs contact well.

Weaknesses: Limited offensively, he has little range on his shot past 12 feet (although it has greatly improved in the past year) ... His ball handling skills are weak ... He gets most of his points in close to the basket with garbage (rebound and putback) buckets ... Lacks the strength to play power forward and is not highly skilled on the perimeter, however his foot speed makes him solid defensively ... Poor free throw shooter, but has showed some improvement ... Lacks great vision and passing ability.

Shooting Guards

J.J. Redick 6-4, 190 Sr.
Strengths: One of the purest shooters anywhere ... Redick has a beautiful outside stroke that creates fear in the eyes of opponents ... He possesses incredible range and routinely takes shots well beyond the three point line. He's a player that you simply can't leave open anywhere within the area code of the basket ... He has also added a deadly mid range game to his repertoire, with the ability to create shots for himself with ball fakes and the dribble drive … Unbelievable at rolling off screens and hitting the open J ... Redick has picture perfect form, a lightning quick release and gets great elevation on his shot. He is also automatic from the free throw line ... Has a killer instinct and seems to step his game up in clutch situations ... Never appears tired, has great conditioning and work ethic.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have great size or athleticism for the 2 at the next level ... He doesn't possess the ball handling or passing skills to run the point … He can be streaky at times, but he's on more often than not … His defense will also need work as he lacks both size and strength ... Must prove he can score against elite level athletes ... Not a freak athlete, but his quickness and agility is better than it looks.

Ronnie Brewer 6-7, 217 Jr.
Strengths: 2 guard with great versatility ... Very intriguing because of his ability to run the show from the point guard position ... Has good leadership abilities ... Creates well off the dribble with a quick first step ... Elevates his teammates play with his passing ability ... Excellent vision, creating easy baskets for open teammates ... Thoroughbred type of athlete, very strong frame, think legs, extremely fast in the open floor ... Long arms and quick hands make him a defensive nightmare ... Great rebounder at the guard position ... Aggressive defender ... Anticipates passes well and forces a ton of steals with his on ball pressure ... Has range out to college three with good accuracy ... Has a great feel for the game which comes from being around basketball his whole life.

Weaknesses: A childhood water slide accident left him with a small bone protruding from his triceps area which has created an abnormal shooting form ... Not a great spot up shooter, makes most of his shots moving towards the basket, a rhythm shooter ... Much quicker than he is athletic, wont wow you with monster dunks, but not a bad leaper ... Mostly effective with the ball in his hands, so some feel he must dominate the ball to be effective.

Maurice Ager 6-4, 202 Sr.
Strengths: One of the most explosive athletes in the college game ... Consistently raises his level of play in big games, great competitor ... Excellent all around scorer ... Good outside shooter with range out to three point ... Creates well off the dribble with terrific ball handling ability ... Strong one on one skills, has a nose for scoring ... Good at slashing to the basket and finishing ... Great speed and quickness in the open floor ... Aggressive player who gets to the line often and converts his FTs at a good clip. Averaged over 90% as a senior in high school ... Excellent body control, can get some spectacular ally oops and put backs when crashing the glass ... Excellent rebounder at the guard position, not afraid of contact ... Long wingspan and good hands ... Plays sound defense and his foot speed can create problems for opponents ... Hard worker who has shown steady improvement over his 4 years at Michigan St.

Weaknesses: Undersized at 6-4 for the 2guard position but has long arms and great athleticism to make up for it ... Vision and passing ability is average ... Should focus on becoming a better defender. Seems to give more effort towards scoring ... Doesn't pick up many steals defensively ... Can be too aggressive shooting outside but will keep shooting through a slump ... Body strength has gotten better but could be improved upon to absorb contact inside.

Point Guards

Mardy Collins 6-6, 205 Sr.
Strengths: At 6-6 he's got the ability to run the show from the point guard position ... Very smooth offensive abilities ... Plays a controlled game, doesn't try to be too flashy or make spectacular plays, keeps it simple and effective ... Excellent vision and passing ... Shooting mechanics and fundamentals are very good ... Good ball handler ... Long arms help out with closing passing lanes and getting to the rim ... Good defender coming out of the Temple system which emphasizes defense ... Excellent at anticipating passes, ball hawking style ... Great team player, excellent versatility ... Extremely durable player, plays almost 40 minutes every game, and rarely if ever misses a start.

Weaknesses: Never a bigtime scorer, although the Temple system limits him somewhat in that regard ... Shooting %s have never been great from outside, although these numbers get hurt by collapsing defenses and forced shots taken with the shot clock running low ... Lacks a very athletic body, especially on appearance ... Not a very physical player, should use his size advantage better offensively ... Not a huge leaper, lacks great explosiveness or a devastating first step ... Upside is decent, but not off the charts ... One of those guys who is solid in a number of areas, but fails to stand out in any one area ... Must become better at moving without the ball, can be a little too ball dependant ... Free throw shooting is below average.

Sergio Rodriguez 6-3, 180 1986
Strengths:For Sergio Rodriquez, the nickname "Spanish Magician" wasn't given, it was earned ... His imaginitive, charismatic, off the wall playing style combined with innate leadership abilities, has earned him not only respect, but the interest of many NBA scouts ... Owns a variety of offense weapons, but is at his best when breaking down defenders with his lethal crossover, or feeding a teammate for an easy basket ... Incredible quickness and ball handling ability make taking any defender 1-1 appear effortless ... Most impressive is his ability to find the open teammate in traffic ... He has the uncanny ability to see passing lanes before they open up, thus enabling him to nearly always make the right decision with the ball. While not incredibly gifted athletically, Sergio always finds a way to get the shot up, or draw the foul when around the basket ... Hits open shots, especially in the clutch, and shoots the three ball well enough to keep any defender honest ... Absolutely loves to run the fast break, using his extreme quickness and good finishing ability to convert most of the time ... Quickness and anticipation make him a capable ball hawk, as well as a solid off the ball defender ... His nickname (The Spanish Magician) fits him well, sometimes it appears the moves he makes, and the passes he fires, aren't real ... This kid has a world of talent, and just must continue to develop.

Weaknesses: Not really a physical marvel (6'3, 170 lbs.) as his explosiveness is just average ... Not very strong and can still be pushed around by the bigger guards ... Still prone to being careless with the ball, and can get carried away trying to entertain, making impossible passes, or trying to force a three when a smart play is needed ... Often goes for the flashy play instead of the simple, smart, play Also could use some work on defense, mostly staying fundamental and exerting the same intensity and effort ... Outside jump shot also needs some fine tuning, it is very formidable now, but shot selection and shooting percentage both need improvement.

Jordon Farmer 6-2, 171 So.
Strengths: True point guard with excellent vision and passing ability ... Has a great feel for the game, with the ability to elevate the level of play of his teammates ... Amazing creativity and anticipation ... Sees plays before they develop, finds teammates the instant they become open, the mark of a great passer ... Ball handling ability is superb ... Very good shooter with range ... Uses change of speeds well ... Good quickness, gets into the lane and by defenders well ... Has a bag of tricks offensively with a nasty crossover and good ability to pull up for shots when open ... Plays solid team defense, reads passing lanes for steals.

Weaknesses: Athleticism and strength could be an issue for him in the NBA ... Lacks great body strength, not a physical specimen type but has some leaping ability and quickness ... A big or real physical guard can push him around ... Turnover prone, can get caught up trying to be too fancy ... Makes a lot of spectacular passes, but in trying to do so makes a lot of turnovers ... Small hands seem to make him more prone to turnovers ... Lacks explosiveness and finishing ability around the basket ... Not especially long or tall, cant see over defenses and must make ball fakes to get passes over or around bigger defenders.

Trader Joe
06-17-2006, 06:15 PM
Rajon Rondo. They could go hometown and take Collins, but Rondo would make him and AI the fastest backcourt in the NBA.

EDIT: WTH why isn't Rondo an option. BOOO.

06-17-2006, 07:11 PM
Rajon Rondo. They could go hometown and take Collins, but Rondo would make him and AI the fastest backcourt in the NBA.

EDIT: WTH why isn't Rondo an option. BOOO.


I was just about to post the same thing. I think they'll take Rondo, maybe Carney if he slips.

06-17-2006, 08:20 PM
I like Rondo. He was available at the #17 in the mock draft I participated in and I picked him for the Pacers. I think he's gonna surprise some people.

I think I'll pick JJ Redick for this poll because I really like train wrecks.


Slick Pinkham
06-17-2006, 10:08 PM
Brewer, easily

06-17-2006, 11:25 PM
I went with Collins.

He is a hometown kid, a big point guard. A great defender. They aren't likely to take Brewer IMO because him and Iggy are very similar.

06-19-2006, 03:02 PM
They need to get AI some ball-handling help. May as well take the hometown product. That way people might at least show up to the arena.