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Will Galen
06-15-2006, 08:44 AM

30 Days, 30 Teams: Indiana Pacers
Authored by Andrew Perna - 15th June, 2006 - 1:16 am

Team Needs: Depending on what type of moves (through both trades and free agency) Indiana plans on making this summer, they could be looking for anything in the draft. If their roster remains as is for the most part, I think a big body to add depth inside would suit the Pacers nicely.

Outlook: The Pacers have been teetering on the edge of something over the past few seasons. It wasn’t all too long ago that Indiana was two games away from making it to the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers , but for some fans it seems as though that was forever ago.

Indiana will enter the 2006-2007 season Artest-less, which may allow them to finally return to some semblance of normalcy. Their roster is not without faults, but in each of the last two seasons Artest made things awfully hard on both the players and staff.

Rumors are circulating about a possible trade for Toronto’s number one overall pick involving Jermaine O’Neal have picked up steam, despite the fact that both teams have discounted the report. Some moves will be made in Indianapolis, but only time will tell exactly who will be on the move.

Most Suitable Prospects:
Cedric Simmons – While Simmons does have lottery potential, some mock drafts do have him falling to Indiana at the seventeenth pick. If he does the Pacers would be wise to take the 6’9” forward out of N.C. State. Many experts predict that he could become the steal of the draft in just a few short years. With Indiana constantly nursing injures in their frontcourt Simmons would be a no-brainer.

Quincy Douby – RealGM’s own J.T. Magee has the Pacers taking Douby with their pick in his most recent mock draft, something that’s hard to disagree with. Douby has the talent to play both the point and shooting guard positions, while having an underrated jump shot that some claim might be one of the best in the draft. If Indiana plans on dealing either Stephen Jackson or Jamaal Tinsley, Douby could help fill those voids at the guard position very nicely.

Hilton Armstrong – It might be hard to pass on a guy from an elite program like UCONN that could have four players picked in the first round later this month, and may even see six of their players drafted overall. If Indiana decides to keep Jackson and/or Tinsley, they should look to shore up their interior core by taking Armstrong in the first round. His defense can help push opponents away from him and towards Jermaine O’Neal, who is a tremendous weak-side shot blocker.

Best Case Scenario:
Simmons is available when David Stern calls on the Pacers later this month, and they nab a steal at the seventeenth pick for the second consecutive year.

Worst Case Scenario: While it’s obvious that whomever they decide to draft could fail in the NBA, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed on draft night. Of the three players I mentioned, at least one is virtually bound to be available, and all are capable of bringing much needed help to the Pacers.