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05-06-2006, 07:20 PM
Well, our playoff run has ended. I would love to say that it was a valiant effort, that we fought to our major limit but we just couldn't do'er, but, well you all know what happened.

This is basically showing all of the percentages from the "How Well Do You Like..." series. I've always planned on doing it after our playoff run to see if your opinion has changed, but I guess I just hoped it wouldn't be this short.

Most liked

Least Liked

Most[projected] Subject to Change
How Well Do you like:

Day 1-Jeff

Yes. 60 95.24%
No. 3 4.76%

Day 2-Freddie
Yes. 41 63.08%
No. 24 36.92%

Day 3-Scot
Yes. 54 87.10%
No. 8 12.90%

Day 4-AJ
Yes. 38 58.46%
No. 27 41.54%

Day 5- Jamaal
Yes. 38 43.18%
No. 50 56.82%

Day 6- Danny
Yes. 61 98.39%
No. 1 1.61%

Day 7-Sarunas
Yes. 50 80.65%
No. 12 19.35%

Day 8-Jermaine
Yes. 48 80.00%
No. 12 20.00%

Day 9-David
Yes. 57 86.36%
No. 9 13.64%

Day 10-Eddie
Yes. 44 70.97%
No. 18 29.03%

Day 11-Peja
Yes. 70 97.22%
No. 2 2.78%

Day 12-Stephen
Yes. 28 42.42%
No. 38 57.58%

Day 13-Austin

Yes. 47 92.16%
No. 4 7.84%

I wanted to make these more Post with your heart rather than your head-type deal, but I don't know if that worked out.

So, what do you think of your own vote?

Do you think these are actual general consensus'?

Who do you think is most subject to change?

05-06-2006, 10:23 PM
Peja's is going to go down in the like category

05-07-2006, 04:13 AM
Peja's is going to go down in the like category

Yea exactly, he could barelly walk in Playoffs and he did "give it a try" anyways on Game 3 and was awfull & his leg got even worse, while Danny (who many people wanted to start over Peja) got his chanse to play more healthy and to make an impact. So Peja stayed out and some people dont like that i guess... :unimpress

Even if Peja could at least walk around in rest of the games and it didnt matter if he destroyed the game, he maybe wanted to stay out and give Rick Carlisle what he wants and proove to him and TO YOU what it means when he dont Play and what it means/happens in Games When Rick Carlisle & You REALLY want to give Danny some more minutes / starting spot .... and look how well your cute little Danny made you win the games.

Also maybe he did like this: You know, when you are Injured its always cool when you play thru the injury, but thats only if you have a sucky backup or there is nobody else, Peja had THAT big trust in Danny and knew what he can do and thought he could fill his shoes.

Just be realistic and not so negative for once, im not protecting anybody.

Slick Pinkham
05-07-2006, 01:35 PM
Voting on one person at a time makes some people as soft as fluffy bunnies.

The only people not liked on this team are Tins and Jax?