View Full Version : I haven't been around since forever(nba related)

05-06-2006, 04:49 PM
My internet got shut off in April, and if seems even longer since I've been able to post something anywhere. A site I frequent (and not to be a doucher I won't post the name of my site) use to talk Pacers. In my abscence, they have stopped. I made a critical post about the Pacers and no one even responded, leaving me feeling empty inside. :'(

Well, here are my thoughts, and I'm sure someone will read them... eventually.

Even though I didn't get to watch the Pacers very much, I still have some things to say. First of all, I am officially taking back what I said about Anthony Johnson. Sure, he's not very flashy, not exactly fun to watch, he's uglier than sin, but he plays with heart, he's fundamentally sound, and I think he's a good chemistry player that'll never run his mouth or cause trouble in the lockerroom.

Second thing is, Jermaine O'neal will not be traded. Why? If Jermaine is traded, it'll have to be involving another post scorer. Jermaine is also our superstar, our leader, and our most paid player. If Jermaine is traded for another superstar player, it'll be very important that the player he is traded for be another low post out to mid-range player i.e. Chris Bosh. We already know Bosh would be dealt to Indiana, and that really only leaves Kevin Garnett, and we can all dream about KG with the Pacers, but it'll never happen. The only team that'll trade for JO would be New York. Thomas wants Indiana to take on Steve Francis, which I'd rather we just release Jermaine and eat his contract than take on Steve Francis and his contract. If the Knicks were willing to give us, say, Channing Frye, in that deal, I might be more apt to jump on it, but again, I'm sticking with the prediction that JO will be in a Pacers' uni.

Also, I'd like to just say that Stephen Jackson is an ugly stain on good pair of underwear. I seriously hate that guy. He needs to shut his mouth and play. I hear him whine more than anyone, and he's actually whining about other people whining. He needs to shut the bleep up. And if there is any team out there that would want him, which I have no clue who would (Atlanta ripped us off!) then a deal should be arranged immediately. Sure, he can play ball, but chemistry is important and Jackson is a key reason why Indiana's chemistry sucks.

I'd like to keep Peja, but I want to go on the record as saying that I think Danny Granger shouldn't be on the bench any longer. He's a starting quality kid with freakish athleticism, and the sky is the limit for him. It's high time that the young guy gets his due. I'm worried about Peja skipping town on us, but at the same time, if he does, I'll be relieved for Danny.

Jamaal, good bye.

Freddie, hope to see you next year.

Scot, you're a funny guy. You deserve the minimum.

David Harrison, I know you had a tear drop gleaming from your eye as Jermaine made it clear that the Pacers LACKED a big man.