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01-22-2004, 04:53 PM
Q. While the Indiana Pacers continue to be one of the deepest teams in the league, are there any plans to acquire a traditional center in the future? (From John in Warsaw, IN)

A. We’re always beating the bushes for good big men. But I do think we have some pretty good players at that spot. Foster has emerged as a quality starter. Pollard has given us solid minutes as a backup. And Primoz Brezec is a guy that hasn’t played much but is a player I really like as a future prospect at the center position. He’s 7-2 and he is a very skilled player for his size. Down the line, he’s going to be a factor for us.

. Explain why my following theory would be a problem: We start Jermaine O'Neal at center and Al Harrington at power forward. This way, we have a better starting lineup, the deficiencies at the center position are rectified, and Al is much happier as a starter. (From Jackson in Cincinnati)

A. On paper, there’s no doubt we would be a more potent offensive team. The problem is, when you start Jermaine at the five spot, you expose him to early foul trouble because he’s going to have to guard the other team’s better big player and they’re going to go at him. By having Foster start, he is an excellent defensive player who can guard most of the better players without help. And having Al come off the bench gives us a great spark at both ends. Now, one thing that needs to be noted here is Al Harrington’s willingness to come off the bench is an unbelievably important part of our success so far. One of the reasons we have the record we have is not many teams have a guy as good as Al Harrington, nor as willing as he is to contribute to what’s best for winning. I have great respect for the sacrifice that he’s making. To win at a high level in this league, you have to have a team willing to make individual sacrifices. And what Al Harrington is doing for us right now ranks among the greatest sacrifices being made in the league. And that’s why we’re one of the better teams at the moment.

Sounds like Primoz will be around and I would think make the Playoff roster.
As for Al..kinda dispels the talk of him demanding a trade.

01-22-2004, 04:56 PM
Clicky: http://www.nba.com/pacers/news/ask_carlisle_january04.html

01-22-2004, 04:57 PM
AHHHHhhhhhh my source revealed.

01-22-2004, 05:30 PM
Really good answer by Rick