View Full Version : On NBAtv Fantasy Hoops (the night of reggie ceremony)

04-02-2006, 03:28 AM
I always watch fantasy hoops on nbatv,well for anyone who watches it alot like me knows that they always have call segments with alot of regulars one guy goes by the name of "Dr.A".Well anywho, Dr.A calls up and is talking to Rick Kamla (the host) about the ceremony and says something like "what did you think about reggie kissing his brother on tv?...i mean i was kind of like ugh...".

About 99% of the time Rick Kamla and this Dr.A guy are so much in love with each other it is outrageous.But Rick got pissed at the guy you could tell if he hadnt been a regular Rick would have had the operators cut him off.But it was really cool Rick Kamla was all about reggie,talking about how he better be a hall of famer,and how anyone who thought different is out of there minds. (He then did his "Low-Five" which had the top 5 players not in the hall of hame..2 of which where Joe Dumars and Dominique Wilkins)< I turn on espn today to see that they are going to be inducted into the hall of fame.

Just thought id throw that tid-bit out there,I know it isnt much.

By the way if any of you watch the show,have you EVER been able to get through on the air?.Ive tried calling everyday for 1 month before and never got through,is their a trick?,or is it like that for everyone?.