View Full Version : My thoughts on PHX game

04-01-2006, 04:10 AM
This is the first time I have been on a computer since the game. I flew up to see the game and WOW....the game was crap. but the ceremony brought a tear to my eye. i mean watching that 31 go up in the rafters...also, a bright point, THE PACEMATES. Y'all have been raving about how hott they are. I have not been to a game in a few years, and lookin at the pictures online and in the program, not gonna lie, i was not too impressed. but seein these girls in real life..SHWING! they looked great, they compare to the UCLA dance team haha. but the game. So, does everybody remember our optimism with Carlisle moving to an uptemo free flowing offense? Just like last year...if fizzles away after a couple weeks of winning. I dont know how many times i screamed at AJ or jackson to pass the ball. Sarunas played a really nice game. His passes were dead on (for the most part). His shot was better. Granger..this kid is gonna be good. I have a feeling that at the end of the last game. Tinsley Jackson and Carlisle will no longer be on the pacer bench. and i hope that is true. Now, personally...I love the fun DH and Pollard have before the game. Pollard DH and AJ were dancing during warm ups. It was a great sight. Also, Granger Sarunas AJ were having 3 pt. competitions always trying to make the other miss and tryin to 1 up the other. I really enjoyed that. I think team chemistry is there....but only in half of the team. well i am out.