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03-16-2006, 02:02 PM
I usually don't hold on to things after I wake up. I RARELY wake up mad, but I'm still freaking ticked.

Last night I was playing in the Championship Game for intermurals. They actually take it seriously. Instead of playing in the normal Irving Gym, the old gym that was used for the athletic teams, you play in Worthen which is a fairly new gym that's pretty good for college. They actually announced the players at the begining, had two media timeouts, officials wore strips, it was a serious game.

Our team cruised throughout pool play, and even in the first games of the tourney. We were a lock. I've played better teams at the JV level than the team we were playing last night.

All night, we banged inside. I'm talking a drive or post up. Hardly any jumpshots. We went to the line 8 total times all night, eight, and six were mine. I literally got slapped in the face on a fastbreak and no whistle with the ref in position to see it.

Anyways, it was a close game and we were starting to come back, and there was with less than 3mins to go. A kid dribbled out of bounds, got frustrated and slammed the ball down so hard it went 20ft in the air away from him. He had to move to catch it. This is with a running clock so probably 5-6secs ran off while he chased it down. I'm standing out of bounds and a ref is standing beside me, so I looked over at him and say "You gonna call something?" He says "What can I call?"

I laugh and say he could call a tech. or just be nice and give them a delay of game warning. The ref, which actually has to take a class before they can do it, replied with a "Delay of game warning? Is that a five yard penalty?"

I just can't take it anymore. This is only my 4th semester of playing, and I'm fed up with how they handle things. Refs are allowed to play, so you get hosed when you play against them, they don't even know simple rules, and they think they're good. They're guys/girls that talk about getting licensed. If they take it so damn seriously, then they need to have a certain standard that they should live up too.

We ref our games better during pickup games than those clowns......:censored: :censored: :censored:

McClintic Sphere
03-16-2006, 02:29 PM
Is there a fellow that goes by the name of Ed Hightower involved?

Knucklehead Warrior
03-16-2006, 04:09 PM
Ahhh, one of my favorite stories and since I haven't told it in years (it seems), here it is:

I was once on the bench during an intramural game and watched while ALL FIVE of the opponents camped out in the lane for a very long time. It was so crowded in there, they couldn't move out in 3 seconds if they had to. I was yelling THREE SECONDS THREE SECONDS for a very long time. Finally the whistle blew and the ref said, wait for it, "I thought it was 4 seconds.":blush:

And that's when I got a technical. :laugh:

03-19-2006, 10:01 PM
Just ****ing wow.

Coincidentally, I just got back from my Finals Intramural game as well.

I have never witnessed reffing that was this bad in my entire life. Honestly...

Well, maybe the LJ 4-point-play was worse; but for me to actually be questioning that tells you something.

Look - without sounding mean and describing this girl (as I'm still fuming right now), let's just say that I'm pretty confident in my assumption that she has quite likely never touched a basketball or played much of any sport in her entire life. Like I said - I'm not going to draw a picture of her...but you can just imagine. If I went into describing her I would be banned.

Anyway, this girl could not even run. I mean - she was literally lagging behind the play every time, and eventually found her comfort zone in just camping out near half-court and watching the game from there.

Even though it's the competitve intramural league, I can still get away with playing centre at 6'4 (although I'm almost always guarding a bigger guy...like tonight). This guy had at least a couple inches and probably 30-40lbs on me. I was doing a commendable job of just putting a body on him, but on the first play down I get called on a "push" - where absolutely NOTHING happened. It was just your standard bumping down low. The guy who I was guarding just turned around at me, and looked in disbelief and smiled! Even he made the girl ref. look like a tool. But by the end of the game, he realized that he could get away with whatever he wanted and was just clobbering me down low, and there was absolutely nothing I could do. She (the ref) had her chance to set the tone of the game...but by then it had gotten out of hand and looked more like a hockey game.

So we go on from there - any blocked shot of mine was called a foul. I'm a big boy - I can admit when I foul a guy or not. But these were not even close to being debatable. All ball - I was way up in the air, swatting the ball when it left the guy's hand. However, this girl is camping out near half court and BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON PLAYS SHE CAN'T EVEN SEE! These plays underneath the net are not for her to call...yet she always found a way to call me on the foul when I was on defense.

But wait - when I was on offense, nothing was being called. I came up to her with a BLOODY NOSE after being smoked in the face by a kid's hand (who actually apologized to me in front of her) and she still denied everything. This was freaking unbelievable.

Another dude on my team went up for a rebound while an opponent took his arm and twisted it likely rupturing a tendon or something in his arm because it immediately swelled up to be twice the size.

Well - we were clearly the better team. We deserved to win, and were doing our best to beat the refs. We went up by 13 early and eventually that lead was just cut down slowly by one bad call (or no-call) after the other by our little Miss. Queen **** ref who didn't like to run.

I am really tempted to talk to the convenor about this all - I know the game is over with now and nothing can be done about it...but I just don't want that girl ever reffing another game in her life.

I can take a loss. I'm not a sore loser - I don't mind losing when we are outplayed. But when the refs (actually...the REF) beats you like this, it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

We ended up losing by one ****ing point.