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03-13-2006, 03:14 AM
I'm already moving back to Indianapolis April 12th, but I question how much I'll really like the idea once I get used to it. I was thinking maybe I should get some money together to travel with, and maybe take a few trips to certain spots I'd have interest in and see what it would be like to stay there for an extended period.

I'm thinking of mainly Aruba, Curacao, or somewhere like that. Maybe stay 3 weeks to a month. If at that point I feel like I just love it too much to leave, then I stay. I remember my Mom telling me when she got back from Aruba "If I didn't have a house to take care of and other misc. items to maintain, I would have moved there."

I'm sure there's plenty of other places I should be considering as well, but this is the one that I know the most about right now. I guess I'm just curious to know if living a lifestyle in paradise is realistic. I'm also curious to learn another lifestyle and culture. I just feel that I've grown so accustomed to the lifestyle of someone in the United States, that I almost think maybe we're brainwashed into believing it's the best lifestyle to live.

Then again, maybe it is the best lifestyle to live... but I'd like to find that out on my own...

Comments? Suggestions? Experiences?

03-13-2006, 11:07 AM
"If I didn't have a house to take care of and other misc. items to maintain, I would have moved there."

I think you have to take that statement with a grain of salt. People say that all the time about paradise. Hell, my first few vacations, I said the same thing, but then you have to think of the reality. Little stuff that may affect you. Frex, I was in the Cayman Islands years ago. The joke is always that I'd retire and bartend and some pool at a nice hotel. But then realistically, when it came to the Caymans, I noticed some things.

I like to read/collect comics books. ut they had no comic shops.

The bar scene was anemic. I love sports bars and dance clubs. I would have died a slow death of nightlife boredom.

They had exactly two movie theatres. Hard to see the new releases.

Internet access wasn't the best.

See where I'm going? You really have to break it down to the mundanities of life. How will relocating affect the everyday stuff you do? That's the test.

I had a chance to stay in Japan for three weeks, but turned it down because my then girlfriend, now wife, would have had a fit. But I was curious like you are to see what it's like to live elsewhere.

I've been curious about a a lot of places. My advice, if you're young and have the opportunity...try it.

I'll tell ya what helped me come to my line of thinking. I had two vacations that both lasted 10 days. One in Vegas. One in Cancun. You get to the point where it stops being a vacation and you start getting a feel for actually living there. Really alters your perceptions.

I'm all for experiencing things while you can. I think it's a shame that some people don't get a chance to see the world beyond their front window.

I'd love to live overseas and still think about it.

03-13-2006, 11:29 AM
My biggest recommendation would be to experience countries outside of the United States while you are younger. I love the US and love the life I have here but it is fun to experience other cultures and learn what their lives are like.

I spent a couple weeks in Argentina a couple years ago. Amazingly beautiful country and if I made what I made here, I'd be extremely rich down there. But the reality of it is, you would never make that much down there, so life would probably be a lot less luxurious at best. The country is beautiful, but as Skaut says, when you go beyond the resort living, which I did get to see because we stayed with freinds instaed of the whole time at a resort, life is a little different than the paradise you will see from the resort side.

Argentina, like a lot of other countries does not have air conditioning in most places, which means it does get hot and you pretty much have to deal with it. I love my A/C here for sure.

Internet access is expensive and limited in most places. The country is poor by many standards, but in the same look, most things are very cheap when using the american dollar. The exchange rate at the time gave 3.33 pesos to every american dollar.

For example, we stayed at a resort in the mountains, all inclusive for 3 days and nights, for a total of $85.00 US. Its not a resort that is the most luxurious with things like air conditioning and the rooms were small. But the service was tremendous, the food was out of this world, and the scenery in the mountains was unbelievable. I have some amazing pictures from our stay there.

When we were in the City of Cordoba, we ate at what would be a 4 star resturant here, meals, drinks(wine etc) and the very small tip that is traditional came to $28.00 for 4 people. Again the food, service and atmospehere were amazing.

But the reality of it all is if we lived there, it would not all be all that great. Medical care is very risky there. One of the sayings we heard while down there was if you are sick and want to die, go to the hospital. You had to find a doctor for medical care that came to you. You did not want to go to a hospital. They were very bad. When my wife was an exchange student there in her senior year of high school, they were required to have a supply of their own sterile syringes in case they needed a doctor to inject medicine becuase it was not safe to use the ones at the hospitals or medical offices.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, defintely go experience other cultures, because it will provide you insights you could never have from seeing it over the internet, etc. Just don't expect it to always be the paradise you see while you are visiting on vacation.

For that matter, Argentina was an amazing place, I would recommend to anyone. My wife and I are planning another trip in a few years.(gotta get that near future baby grown up a little first:D )