View Full Version : Another thread on my Reggie retirement game ticket saga-- opportunities for posters!

03-08-2006, 03:25 PM
Hello everyone, for those of you who read my "most sad and dissapointing" thread, and the follow up thread of a couple weeks ago know,

I had tickets for the march 30th game to see reggie get his jersey retired, but due to having a wallet stolen suddenly became unable to afford getting myself and my girlfriend to the game (we live in LA).

We tried every avenue imaginable, and I appreciate everyones support, but it simply was not meant to be unfortunately. 2 weeks ago I put the tickets on ebay, hoping that I would be able to make my money back and a little profit on the 400$ I originally spent on the tickets (sec 20, row 12, seat 7-8).

Unfortunately, though the tickets had many views, I didnt get any bids.

So I am taking this opportunity to offer them up here on PD.

They are good seats, and when I posted my original thread I had several members offer me cash offers is why I figure this is my best chance now to get them sold.

As I said, I bought them for 400 dollars, and I am going to have to request that that price be the "reserve" for this little auction type thing. I just simply can't afford to LOSE money on them.

If you are interested in placing a "bid" , please PM me, and let me know what kind of offer you would be willing to put in for them. Obviously I will not go around the board posting names and numbers as that is innapropriate.

I suppose you could say it is a silent auction.

If any of you think that isnt the best way to do it, please reply here and let me know what you think a better idea is, I am all ears...

But starting today, and ending... oh lets say 7 days from now, I will field offers from my PM. (ending next wed). Highest offer will be sold the tickets, but as I said its a silent auction, so you woulden't really know for sure how much you would need to bid to "surpass" other bidders. Like I said, if anyone has a better method please let me know, this was the first thing I could think of.

-Let the Pm's (hopefully) begin,

And thanks!