View Full Version : Another voice chat update

03-03-2006, 06:15 PM
Hey folks. I'm sorry this has been dragged out so long; there are legitimate reasons for that, mostly academic...

Anyway, able has been kind enough to set up a teamspeak server for us. I tested it out the other day and it's miles ahead of anything else out there I've tested.

Those who want to try it out: send me a PM with your username and preferred password (this is for teamspeak only, so it doesn't have to be related to your PD info if you don't want it to, although it might be more fun if you use the same username).

You'll need to download and install the teamspeak CLIENT application from this address: http://www.goteamspeak.com/index.php?page=downloads . It will work on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux - be sure to download the correct package depending on your OS.

If I get some responses this evening, I will try to set things up in time for the game so you guys can get logged in.

However, the "official," "real" test I'm doing for my school project will be this Tuesday during the Knicks game if there are enough volunteers (ideally I'd like about 5-8 people). More infor is on the way.

If you're a user who usually posts in the game threads, I ESPECIALLY encourage you to try this out, but all are of course welcome.


On another note: the in-game flash application I'm working on is coming along and hopefully will be ready to try out in early April. If I can pull it off it will be totally sweet.

Thanks for your patience!