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02-11-2006, 01:04 PM
Jack has hit many clutch shots in his career

02-11-2006, 01:46 PM
I was at my high school game last night, so I missed the first half of the Pacers game, so I wont be doing any recap of the game.

I will say this, and this is all my opinion, but I really like the way this team is coming together.

As I was sitting watching the game last night, my father and I got into a very interesting discussion about who the next "clutch" shooter for the Pacers will be.

I am going to go down my list, and please, I really want to hear what all you other folks think.

Jermaine O Neal - I can only think of a few shots he has hit in the clutch, and add to the fact he hasnt been healthy in a while, I just dont see it happening.

Mel-Mel - You have to be able to make it to the fourth quarter

Fred Jones - I have really enjoyed his games, but it seems every time he has been given the oppurtunity to hit a clutch shot, I am attending that game. ANd he dribbles it off his leg, or foot, or just throws is away. I think he may turn into that player, but I douby it.

Peja - I would like to think he could, but I remember all those years in Sac-Town.

S-Jax - I actually think he has the highest chance, but my only concern is he is to streaky. My father said he didnt think he would ever be a clutch guy. Time will tell

My surprise pick:

Anthony Johnson - I loved watching the kid play in New Jersey, but I really dis-liked his game when he first came to Indy. Lately, I think he may be a guy who can be a "sneaky" clutch player....

Jax has already hit some big clutch three for us. Remember last season when we played Miami? Dale Davis heroicly ;) fought off Shaq for an offensive rebound then passed it to Cro who went halfway up with the shot then decided he didn't want to take the open three, then he passed to Jax who nailed the three.

But A.J. has also hit some clutch shots for us.

Jermaine has hit some big shots down the stretch but he has also blocked some big game ending shots as well. So he can be clutch on either end.

Croshere has been nothing but clutch this season but I don't know that I want him as option # 1 especially after being out for so long.

My money is on Pedja.

02-11-2006, 05:49 PM
As far as taking clutch shots, Peja and Jax would be my first two choices and interchangeable. Peja b/c of his pure shooting ability. Jax b/c he's got the mentality to handle the pressure.