View Full Version : Anyone hear what they were talking of on 950 ESPN

02-08-2006, 12:55 PM
Driving to lunch I heard a rant by the guy on ESPN radio. He was saying something about how Zeke had built the most expensive ugliest team in basketball. He then went on to say that FINALLY Zeke had seen the light and was turning over control to Larry Brown.

I have been unable to find this being reported anywhere and wondered if I misunderstood him? I'm pretty sure I understood what he was saying but I didn't hear the lead up and so only have part of the story? Maybe?

02-08-2006, 02:29 PM
Maybe DisplacedKnick can answer this....but all the moves that Zeke has been trying to make seem to going in 2 directions.

Zeke has long wanted Rose....who can provide solid offense and even run the show sometimes.....but play's ZERO defense. Although Rose does fit their apparent need for a starting quality SF.....he is yet another SG/SF on their team....next to QRich...another starting quality player with a huge contract that can't effectively crack Brown's starting lineup.

Then there are the rumors and liklihood that Zeke is trying to get Ratliff, Watson, ( possibly...but unlikely ) Ruben Patterson, and ( possibly...but unlikely ) KMart. Oddly enough....all these players are the type of players that Brown would want....basically defensive minded players that Brown has been begging for.

However.....the recent trade for Rose, this season's trade for Curry and QRich, and last season's trade for Crawford all seem to be for trades that give Zeke the type of players that he wants. The problem is that all of those players ( most of which have huge...if not...long-term contracts ) completely flies against the type of player that Brown is more accustomed to coaching much less better suited for him to play.

Its like Zeke is trying to build 2 different teams.....Zeke's team ( completely offense orientated with young atheletic players ) and Brown's team ( a team that focuses more on defense ) and somehow blending them together into some Psuedo-Knicks Zeke/Brown team. What's worse is that IF Zeke is able to get Ratlif or even Watson.......they would likely be a significant change in the lineup where Brown will likely play the more defensive minded players more ( like Ratliff and Watson ) then offensive minded players that Brown is reluctant to play. On top of that...its even harder to move any of the players that Zeke brought in cuz they have $$$$ contracts. I don't even want to go into Zeke and the Knicks ownership continual plan to build a team through perpetual long term contracts that bury the team in luxury tax while dealing away what little draft picks that they have. The only thing I can say that is really positive about Zeke is that he will try, try and try to remold the team until they start winning.