View Full Version : odd thoughts from beating the pistons...tinsley#11 edition

02-05-2006, 03:06 PM
First off it was such a great game to watch because our players were playing like they actually wanted to win. It was just the kind of win that this team really needed.

I was happy with the play of all of the pacers for the most part.

I love that carlisle has realized when he plays Harrison, Sarunas should be in the game. Sarunas and Harrison seem to have a connection and it works nearly every time. That is when saras got the majority of his assists and when harrison got the majority of his points. Harrison plays so much better when he is content with his play and not frustrated. I was proud to see him have the pts high and the fouls low.

Jax, sometimes he makes it hard to like him. He was frustrating me throughout the game b/c i would just know he was gonna shoot and not pass, but in his credit he kept us in the game early.

I really love the Pollard/Foster duo in the game when DH isnt in. I absolutely love to see Pollard do well b/c he is such a character. When he had the dunk the bench was going nuts.

Rebounding was the best I have seen all season with this ball club.

Did anyone see Pollard and Harrison doing the arm waving thing on the sideline towards the end of the game? random but it was pretty funny.

Jones hit big shots when needed, but i feel like he tries to put the game on his shoulders too much for the 6th man.

I know people bash on AJ a lot, but i really think he deserves more credit. At least after a play he does not stay on the other end of the court complaining about a call. He is always giving his best and his jumper is money.

Granger amazes me every game. He needs to shoot more. His midrange jumper is awesome.

Peja didnt have a very good night, but that can be expected. not too much to say on him.

Carlisle did a hell of a job at the end of the game with the players on the court. He finally was playing for the win, and not trying to just not lose.

Thats about all i got I think. I know it doesnt measure up to the other odd thoughts by other posters, but at least its something. Sorry i was a bit random with my thoughts.

Last thing, off topic, but i have thought about this for a while now. I must say I am very glad to have people like KStat and FreshPrince22 posting on this site. Even though they are Pistons fans through and through, they never bash our team, always give their unbiased opinions of our team and what they think we should do, and they are not rubbing in our faces how much better their pistons are. I want to thank you guys for posting with the utmost class and continue to set the example for other team's fans posting on this site.

pizza guy
02-05-2006, 03:13 PM
I agree on every single one of those points.

Pig Nash
02-05-2006, 03:17 PM
You're gonna make the best color commentator ever, PG. Also, how does it feel to have the same initials as Pacers_Gurl? :flirt:

But seriously, I also agree.