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02-03-2006, 12:45 AM
Found this on RealGM. No link was provided. :shrug:

Prince of the city
Bergtraum's Epiphanny Prince sets national record with 113 points in one game

Rutgers women stop St. John's
Feb 2, 2006

February 2, 2006

One night after all eyes were on Kobe Bryant at Madison Square Garden to see if he could break Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point record, a high school senior named Epiphanny Prince did it a little farther downtown.

Prince, who will play at Rutgers next season, set a national high school girls basketball record with 113 points in host Murry Bergtraum's 137-32 win over Brandeis yesterday.

Prince, a 5-9 senior guard, made 54 of 60 shots, an amazing 90 percent from the field. Prince broke the record of Riverside Poly's Cheryl Miller, who scored 105 points for the California school in 1982. Lisa Leslie also topped the century plateau with 101 for Inglewood Morningside in 1990, all of which were scored in the first half.

"It's just amazing to me," Prince told SI.com. "My best game had been 55 points in eighth grade."

Bergtraum coach Ed Grezinsky said, "When I was told she had 58 points at the half, I thought she had a chance to do something special."

Prince scored 38 points in the first quarter, 20 in the second, 25 in the third and 30 in the fourth.

"It was exciting," Grezinsky said. "As a coach, you don't have many opportunities to see an all-time national record be broken."

Prince, who passed the 2,000-point mark for her career last month, averages 38 points in league play for Bergtraum, ranked No. 2 in the nation by USA Today. She also averages 6.8 rebounds and 10.9 assists.

Jeebus, Leslie had 101 points in a HALF? :laugh:

02-03-2006, 12:54 AM
Yup, I read somewhere that the team playing Leslie refued to play the second half.

02-03-2006, 01:06 AM
When I saw that story on Yahoo, I thought it was the whole team who score 113 and was like what's the big deal?

02-03-2006, 01:15 AM
So I guess she 'pulled a Kobe' and didn't want to show the other team up in the second half... after dropping 101 on them already. Too late for that. Ouch.

02-03-2006, 01:36 AM
No, the team playing Leslie's team refused to play anymore.

02-03-2006, 02:07 AM
Drazen Petrovic 112...in Croatian League. But still...

02-03-2006, 03:34 AM
101 in a half? is that even possible??? dayummm! did they play 30 minute quarters? that's just unbelievable!

02-03-2006, 06:28 AM
:-o That's just amazing!

02-03-2006, 07:25 AM
That is hard to believe it was done in 2 quarters of play. I cant even imagine it.

02-03-2006, 07:40 AM
No, the team playing Leslie's team refused to play anymore.

...Sounds to me like they weren't playing much in the first half either.


02-03-2006, 09:36 AM
This record smells of the same ilk as that UCONN girl a few years back...remember her?