View Full Version : Are we playing backwards?

02-01-2006, 12:51 PM
When watching the game it seems that we always get our most productive series from the bench. Doesn't that mean that we are starting the wrong players.

Watching last nights game Stephen Jackson is the worst player on the team. He shoots every time he gets the ball and he misses most of the time. PASS THE BALL JACKO!!!

Freddie Jones, he can make some plays be he is also the same kind of player this year as Jackson. He shoots dang near every time he gets it. I think Feddie is a good player, but he thinks he is Kobe. Sorry Freddie but you aint all that.

The good thing about watching the Cleveland game was they shared the ball and nobody tried to be the superstar. They went right back to everybody trying to do it themselves last night.

I'm going to the Laker game tonight, hopefully I'll see some team basketball being played. Maybe a little hustle too.

Jon Theodore
02-01-2006, 01:40 PM
Yeah it's totally ridiculous. Granger should be a mainstay in the starting lineup and so should Fred. We need to start games strong and get the momentum going.

Saras/FJ/Peja/Granger/DH should clearly be our starting line up RIGHT NOW. Then we got SJ/Pollard/AJ/GILL coming off the bench. Since it seems like Croshere isn't going to be playing tonight, lets pray that Foster can play. I am extremely worried about tonights game with LA....i am expecting nothing less than a total blow out.

Kobe will go off tonight, I almost guarantee it. Sjack will probably get into foul trouble early and we will be in trouble.