View Full Version : Immediate Keeper League Opening

Jose Slaughter
01-31-2006, 01:32 AM
ShadowKat has a 12 team keeper league on sports.ws with one team owner he would like to replace as soon as possible.

Plans are to expand the league to 20 teams as soon as next season so there will be other openings.

The scoring method is different than the one we use in the ABA & the ABAKL, I've listed the scoring method below.

The available team is currently 15-26 but just a game out of the playoffs. The roster is also listed below. You might remember there are currently just 12 teams in the league so there is a ton of talent available in the free agent pool.

If your interested you can contact ShadowKat directly. Just go to the members list & you'll find how to reach him, or, post a message here & I'll try to connect you with him. We both have AIM & I know some of you do not.

If you have any questions, let me know.


Status: Season
Current Teams: 12
Max Teams: 20
Competitiveness: 3
Scoring Method: Custom

Assists: 1.0
Off. Rebounds: 1.5
Def. Rebounds: 1.0
Blocks: 2.0
Steals: 2.0
Free throws made: 1.3
2 pointers made: 2.2
3 pointers made: 3.1
Free throws shot: -0.3
2 pointers shot: -0.2
3 pointers shot: -0.1
Turnovers: -1.0
Personal Fouls: -0.4
Technical Fouls: -1.0

G - Larry Hughes (CLE)
G - Allen Iverson (PHI)
C - Brad Miller (SAC)
C - Dan Gadzuric (MIL)
F - Troy Murphy (GSW)
F - Pau Gasol (MEM)
F - Kenyon Martin (DEN)
G - Quentin Richardson (NYK)
G - Rafer Alston (HOU)
F - Kenny Thomas (SAC)
F - Udonis Haslem (MIA)
F - Gerald Wallace (CHA)