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04-02-2004, 07:16 PM
Primoz Brezec's first game action in two months also might have been his last of the season.

Brezec played eight minutes in the Indiana Pacers' 111-78 win over Milwaukee on Wednesday, scoring two points and grabbing two rebounds. It was his first appearance since a Jan. 28 game against Phoenix.

But with Jonathan Bender eligible to come off the injured list for tonight's game against Toronto, Brezec could go back on the injured list as early as today -- and for the rest of the season, barring another injury.

The 7-foot Brezec has played in just 15 games this season for a total of 61 minutes. That's less playing time than he received in either of his first two seasons, but the Pacers expressed confidence in him last fall by picking up the option on his rookie contract.

The limited playing time has made it difficult for him to measure his progress.

"I thought I improved before the season after playing the whole summer," he said. "Right now it's hard to say. I hope I'm getting stronger, but I would have to play every game to see if I'm improving or not."

The status of Bender and Jamaal Tinsley, who sat out the past two games with a viral sinus infection, will be determined today. The Pacers did not practice on Thursday.

04-02-2004, 07:31 PM
So much for the good karma from my new avatar... :unimpressed:

04-02-2004, 07:47 PM
they can move Pollard this offseason and give Primoz the backup minutes next year, if we still have him.
Are the brass still high on him? Ever heard what Larry thought about him? I like Jeff a lot and am very glad to see his much improved scoring, but he's still a jumper guy, which is fine with Jermaine in the post. BUT is anyone else getting a little nervous about him getting too beat up when he's down there? He's definately more willing to settle for the mid range jumper of late, though that may be the knee showing.
Still as his value soars, so does our need to keep him healthy for the long term.
A big bodied low post threat would let him play more high post stuff, his jumper is good enough now for him to have that role, and take more wear and tear off him. hopefully.
Bender may well take this role scoring wise, but his physical presence doesn't help Jermaine, just his shot blocking.
"I" think that makes Primoz more valuable to us than most seem to think, tough I have no knowledge as to whether he is improving enough in those areas in practive to warrant continued interest.
But I like James Jones too :)
(and Brewer) :pepper:

Management already committed to picking up the option on his contract for next year, so presumably they're still high on his potential. IMO, you don't let a 24 y/o center slip away until you're completely sure what he can/ can't do. When I saw him in the preseason, he outplayed both Pollard and Foster. Foster has improved since then, of course, Pollard has not.

Its impossible to judge a third string center when he plays mopup minutes. Jay's_Wife@Section222 counted the number of times the third string unit ran a play in the Milwaukee game (Primoz played the last seven or eight minutes.) One play with an entry pass to the post. But Al Harrington sure took a lot of quick shots when Primoz was on the floor. I guess when AJ would pass, Al decided to take advantage of it.


04-02-2004, 08:14 PM
I'll miss Primoz. :cry:

Primoz > Bruno