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01-13-2006, 09:55 AM
I found these comments very interesting

http://mb3.scout.com/flosangelesclippersfrm1.showMessageRange?topicID=5 571.topic&start=161&stop=176

JMizzo- I don't think you understand. Maggette knows that the fans like him, but he also now knows that management doesn't think very highly of him. Maggette probably feels that he isn't wanted and definitely won't want to be here now. This is a major screwup by management. You absolutely cannot let a deal get this close to being done and have it fall apart. Unfortunately, the Clippers are going to have deal Maggette somewhere else now (by now I mean when he gets healthy or in the offseason). This also ends any chance of Maggette resigning with the Clippers when his contract is up. This is exactly why we are a second rate organization. If Sterling is really committed to winning, then he needs to find a real GM and some real team doctors and --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
sounds like this was legit. at least the discussions.

Which means that Dun's talking of treading water was a bunch of BS. Clipper organization is in panic mode and feel that their team will slip a lot.

People said that fouling Ben Walace and Duncan was a sign of weakness and lack of confidence, well this i think is really a lack of confidence.

Did Dun downplay Corey's injury for this trade? B/c Corey has said there is a possibility of need of surgery while Dun has never used that word?

Ok so

1. So Dun didn't want to give Corey his starting position in favor of Qross in the begining of season

2. NOw he wanted to trade him for a mad man.

What a great way to make him feel wanted.

Jeez. I wouldn't feel very good about if i were corey

Corey has been ntohign but class. He joined Ralph and Mike as a guest comentator many times during telecasts. He is due to host clippers' live show.

His reward is this...

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It's pretty funny if you look at the title of this entire thread. "done deal"?

well, this threads had a ton more ligitimacy to it than most of us thought. and i mean a ton more.

I hav a feeling he doesnt want to retire a clipper now...but hopefully being on tha team wit EB will keep him happy......

Since DUn was so close to trade away maggette...i wonder if he will keep maggette as trade bait now and try to trade him for pierce or someone.........DUn dont trade away maggette no matter wat unless we get a huge upgrade

Dunleavy did the right thing given the fact that he wants to win. However, not sure what to make about the doctor situation other than the fact that the Clipper doctors dont know what they're doing...

So it looks as if the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets might be the two top teams in the race for this guy. These trade rumors are exhausting...

Artest is at the lakers game tonight with his agent. His agent said there was never a concrete deal on the table. I wouldn't be so sure Maggette was actually offered up by the clippers.

Maybe the Pacers were using Maggette as a benchmark for Artest. They played the Clippers in this almost done deal crap. If the Clippers were willing to part with Maggette, who do you think the Pacers can command between Warriors and Nuggets. "Caremlo or Jason" Crazy crap....They used us to get to their real target.

Maggette's foot is that bad huh....Well, this team will deal with it. SL, Ross, Ndong, Singleton, Ewing, Korolev just gotta step up now.

Seems like one of three things is going on:

(1) The Pacers are just posturning and the deal will still go through;

(2) Maggette's injury is much worse than we've been led to belive; or

(3) Pacers management is colossally stupid, because Maggette is as good as they're going to get.

Even an injured Corey is better than the other options presently on the table for Artest, so I'm inclined to believe that this could still get closed over the next week or so. There's no evidence that I've heard suggesting that Corey's injury is career-threatening.

Then again, Donnie Walsh has mishandled this situation from the beginning -- letting his anger get the better of him in announcing for the entire league to hear that Artest was done as a Pacer a month ago -- so maybe he's misjudging the market for Artest again, thinking he can do better. I think he's going to be disappointed.

dissapointed indeed. Walsh has trully lost if he passes on such a bargain like Corey.

Good for the Clippers! Rick Kamla just said that the Pacers are FOOLISH for not getting a banged up Maggette. Ron Artest has too much baggage, and Maggette still knows that this is a business, and that the Clippers want to win, so its good for the Clippers long term.

Rick Kamla said that this is the best deal that the Pacers will get and to prove it, he looked back at the Toronto Raptors trade for Vince Carter as an example. He said they waited so long and ultimately got nothing in return. He said lastly that the Indiana Pacers will regret their decision, in his opinion.

"Nooooo.......i rather wait for draft lottery...get more depth on tha forward position then next yr we will be healthy and win division crown"

As long as amare stoudemire comes back 90%, and nash is at least 75% of what he is today next season, the clipps will never win the division crown. the amare/nash combination is too dominating compared to mags/brand though brand is a top 10 player imo.

This might end up haunting us in a different way though.

I just heard on a TV station up here in Canada (The Score) that Artest met today with Phil Jackson and everything went well, and that's why he was in attendance...

If the Lakers get Artest it won't be easy to beat them, even when we get healthy.


Deal is not dead. Indiana is going to use their doctors to sweeten the pot. Indiana wants us to blink first. We already held them out long enough to get them to drop the demand for Wilcox, but this may be their way of getting us to include him.

Say what you want about Artest and his craziness, but his defensive abilites are phenomenal. To have Kaman, Brand, Ross, Wilcox, etc.. play with Ron's intensity for even half a season will make them noticebly better defensively in the long run. What Ron can show the others defensively is why we will trade for him.

Acquiring Ron shifts the balance of power in the West in our favor. With Artest and Ross on the floor together, no way Phoenix, Dallas, Sacrament, Lakers, GS beat us in a 7 game series. If the team is smart, they try to send Mobley, Wilcox and Dong to Indy for Artest or they get Atlanta involved if Maggette is the one they want to get rid of.


ESPN - look at the article...this is at the end. jermaine also might have had an influence.

"After practice Thursday, when asked the Maggette possibility, O'Neal said: 'I really don't want to comment about it. He's hurting and is going to have about six more weeks off. I would prefer to have somebody who could play right away, but I don't run the team. I just play the game and know that [Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh] and those guys will make a decision over what's best for the team.' "

Will Galen
01-13-2006, 10:04 AM
Just like us here, a bunch of fans, most not knowing what they are talking about.

Frank Slade
01-13-2006, 10:25 AM
Just like us here, a bunch of fans, most not knowing what they are talking about.
hey speak for your self
:einstein: ;)

01-13-2006, 11:30 AM
The last poster on that page claims its been reported on The Score that Artest also met with Phil Jackson and things went well....back to Odom again? lol

01-13-2006, 11:40 AM
The last poster on that page claims its been reported on The Score that Artest also met with Phil Jackson and things went well....back to Odom again? lol

See my comments elsewhere about interfering with our player.

01-13-2006, 11:45 AM
Artest had to be a guest of the Lakers to sit in the owners suite. It wasn't the Clippers suite.

I suspect Ron might be up in Oakland meeting with Warriors, and then maybe the Nuggets.

Who knows who he might meet with next.

01-13-2006, 11:46 AM
See my comments elsewhere about interfering with our player.
Well if he met with the Lakers, it was probably arranged between Donnie and Mitch Kupchack, so it wouldn't be interferring.

01-13-2006, 11:48 AM
The last poster on that page claims its been reported on The Score that Artest also met with Phil Jackson and things went well....back to Odom again? lol

I watched the Score last night after TNT for quite a bit and never heard such nonsense.

And, the Score has NEVER released big-time info. like that before. They're always the last people to find stuff out.