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01-11-2006, 10:28 PM
WASHINGTON Hawks forward Al Harrington was the owner of the league's best rumor prior to Wednesday night's game against Washington at the MCI Center. Harrington said he heard from people in Indiana that the Pacers and Clippers were close to finalizing a deal swapping Ron Artest for Corey Maggette. That deal, were it to happen, would finally put to rest the rumors that Harrington will be a part of a trade that frees Artest from the Pacers and the Pacers from their volatile and restless star. "Yeah, that would get it out of the water and off the Internet and all that nonsense," Harrington said. "But I've known for a couple of weeks now that nothing was going to happen with me. [Hawks general manager Billy Knight] told me that if there was going to be anything done he'd let me know. So it's been off of my mind for a while now." Harrington said he'll be happy for Artest, whenever he finally returns to the floor. And he's convinced that whatever team Artest suits up for will be dangerous. "Any team with a sane Ron Artest is going to be tough to deal with," Harrington said. "Any team with he's on with his mind right, is going to the playoffs and is going to make some noise. So it'll be good for Ron and for the Clippers."

Seems to be a hot rumor and I thought it was good enough to have a thread for it. Hicks if you think we should keep it all in one thread you are welcome to delete this.

01-11-2006, 10:28 PM
We have a thread for it already.