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Old as Dirt
01-10-2006, 04:53 PM
Word from the wise in La-La Land: Phil Jackson strongly encouraged Jim Buss to include Andrew Bynum in a package proposal for Ron Artest, but the owner's son fervently negated the notion. Though everyone in the front office maintained shared aims last June, people in the know maintain Buss and assistant GM Ronnie Lester were instrumental in the drafting of 7-foot Bynum, whereas Jackson and GM Mitch Kupchak preferred Sean May and Danny Granger.

How the Lakers could hire Jackson for three years and select an undeveloped high-school project when the team clearly needed immediate help has never been explained logically or otherwise.

I used to think Jackson was overpaid at $10M per. Now I'm convinced he's underpaid.

Still, at least one cockeyed optimist within the organization remains convinced the Lakers somehow will bag Artest.

"I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet Ron would bring to our locker room," he dryly declares.


For what it might be worth??????????