View Full Version : last night and several reasons for the loss, includes conspiracy theory

03-31-2004, 11:02 AM
Ok so we lost, but what did we lose except for ONE game ?

not the lead in the league, not the EC reg season champ. ship, not the division champ.ship in fact we lost nothing but one game.

Why did we lose?

Our starters were on an extra night off, Tins was sick, (wanna bet he is playing tonight?) which shows btw the major importance of Tins for this team, without him we lose far mroe games then we think.

well there is of course this little economic conspiracy theory.......

I posted some days ago a thread asking the Pistons to be so kind as to lose their game so we could win the divisional championship at home against Miami, no such luck, spoil sports.

Now we go on the road, able to grab that championship but..... let's be honest, it is much more fun to see an exciting game against an opponent we lost to 3 times, and it being the decider for our divisional/regular season conference championship.

better for the economics (sold out game perhaps, parties afterward) parties are celebrated in Indy, not Milwaukee, day off afterwards, TV, Local Radio the WORKS!.

Isn't it amazing (and the only other reason I can find is Tins not being there) that we have not lost (or hardly) without JO, Ron Al, but all of a sudden we "only" miss Tins and we lose an away game that would have given us the Div championship right there and then.

I am not worried, tonight will be an interesting *** Whooping of a certain magnitude. All of a sudden the answer will be there, time to party at home.

Tins plays, JO is the "boss" in the paint again and Jeff does not get pushed around, wann bet ?

03-31-2004, 11:45 AM
Wow, great post. Never looked at it that way. Winning the division at home would be a lot more beneficiary to the fans and the team.

Watching the game last night I did notice how slow we were reacting to the ball. We looked a step slow all night. Didn't look like the Pacers that we've been cheering all season.

Yeah, tonight will be the real game.

03-31-2004, 11:52 AM
Isn't anyone at all worried that we haven't beaten them yet this year? Doesn't bode well for the playoffs. :(

03-31-2004, 11:56 AM
Isn't anyone at all worried that we haven't beaten them yet this year? Doesn't bode well for the playoffs. :(

I am not worried. There are certain teams you just cant get away with playing AJ as your starting pg. So far Tins has not played against them in any of the games other than in some garbage minutes in the first one (I think it was the first one).

So just like the Kings yes we have not beat them but we didnt have Artest in either game. (also they are a team we can not get away with AJ as the backup) I think a pg combo of Tins and Kenny would take care of the Bucks no problem.

03-31-2004, 01:05 PM
Its a conspiracy to keep me away from the television / arena

I've only missed three games all season, but ironically all three were against Milwaukee.

(BTW, after I moved to Chicago, I usually make the trips up to the Bradley Center to see the Pacers since that's only 75 minutes away).

10/31 - in route to my brother-in-law's in St. Louis. I did get to see the second half but that game was already over.

12/26 - at my in-laws in delightful Richmond, IN. Got back from our event that night just in time to turn on the last minute of the game.

Last night - at the office until halftime. Audio League Pass has been firewalled out. And the chat had, uh, personality issues. By the time I got off the train, the game was over. I asked Jay's_Wife@Section222 if I should bother with the TiVo copy since I knew the halftime score. She said all I needed to hear, "It didn't really get any better." Followed by a five-minute tirade entitled "Who's this Joe Smith Guy?" (I didn't even bother to explain that he was once the #1 pick in the draft, if they don't play for the Pacers she just isn't interested.) So I went to bed.

03-31-2004, 02:10 PM
Yea, I was basically flipping the bird at Joe Smith all night. :laugh:

I think last night was so frustrating since we're 1 game away from clinching.. but I do believe we will do it tonight.

But last night was horrid.. we were basically just letting Smith score kind of like a valet service.

"This way Mr. Smith."

03-31-2004, 02:24 PM
conspiracy theory your joking right :lolchair:

If you seen the post game comments of Rick you would see he was looking pretty beat up and mentally exhausted , nah he wasn't trying to win that game so we can come back here and do it :omg:

Like Rick said we were outplayed , out hussled and we just didn't come prepared, there just seemed like there was no sense of urgency by the pacers and I think the players were hoping that the bucks would slip up and they didn't .

You can bet your *** on this though the bucks have beaten us 3 times this year and I'll bet the teams we play will study those 3 games closely to see how the bucks beat us 3 times.

03-31-2004, 02:42 PM
I guess I don't have my Blue and Gold glasses on today.

We've been NO's and Milwaukee's Beyotch this year. We're a David West bunny away form being 1-6 against the 2 of them. And most of the games weren't really close or competitive.

I don't think Jamaal is the answer last night. He doesn't play with the heart and desire it would have taken to win last night.I'm noit sure anyone did. THAT'S the problem.