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Jose Slaughter
03-31-2004, 04:19 AM
It's late, so I'm gonna get right to it.

The disclaimers..........

From NBA.com, a story on the Bobcats draft.

This paragraph has the basic info.

Charlotte will receive lists from each of the 27 teams not competing in the NBA Finals 10 days prior to the scheduled Expansion Draft (June 12) and those from the competing teams in the Finals within two days of the conclusion of the Finals. Team lists will designate a maximum of eight protected players for that teamís players under contract or restricted free agents for the 2004-05 NBA season. The unprotected players are eligible for selection by the Bobcats, who will draft a minimum of 14 players from NBA rosters.

Free agent info from REAL GM.

Salary information can be found at Hoops Hype.

Here is the current Nets lineup.

Jason Kidd
Kerry Kittles
Kenyon Martin
Alonzo Mourning
Rodney Rogers
Aaron Williams
Lucious Harris
Richard Jefferson
Jason Collins
Brandon Armstrong
Zoran Planinic
Brian Scalabrine
Hubert Davis
Tamar Slay
Anthony Goldwire

Of the Nets 15 players, 10 are signed for next season & of the 5 that are free agents, one is restricted. The restricted free agents may be protected.

The Nets signed for 04-05

Jason Kidd ---------- $14,796,000
Kerry Kittles ---------- $9,816,666
Alonzo Mourning ----- $5,408,700
Rodney Rogers ------- $3,355,200
Aaron Williams -------- $3,150,000
Lucious Harris --------- $2,647,058
Richard Jefferson ----- $2,266,794
Jason Collins ---------- $1,887,864
Zoran Planinic ----------- $878,100
Brian Scalabrine -------- $891,321

Restricted free agent

Kenyon Martin --------- $6,667,295

Free agents

Brandon Armstrong
Hubert Davis
Tamar Slay
Anthony Goldwire

New Jersey's protected list should start off with Kidd, Jefferson, Collins & of course, Martin.

I'm gonna add Aaron Williams & Brian Scalabrine to the list because what they bring off the bench is worth what they getting paid for. That brings us to 6 with the last 2 spots still open. In addition, both have short term deals. Williams has a player option following next season & Scalabrine will be in the final year of his deal next year.

Kittles, Mourning, Rogers, Harris & Planinic are all in the boarderline group.

I left Kittles off the no brainers list because of his salary. At 9.8M for a 30 year old SG there would be no reason for the Bobcats to draft him. But New Jersey would look rather foolish & **** off Kidd to boot if they left him unprotected & Charlotte grabbed him for trade bait. Kittles gets spot #7.

It has been speculated that Mourning could make a comeback next season. But the Nets only have one spot left on the list & I doubt they would want to use it on a maybe player. Sorry Zo.

Rogers is one of about 1000 SF's that the Bobcats will have a shot at. The bad news for Rogers is that he is scheduled to pull in well over 3M next season & his FG% is below 40%. He won't make the list but he won't get picked either.

Harris is in the same boat. The S.S. Old-n-washedup. Harris is almost shooting his age. He turns 33 just after the start of the season & his current FG% is hovering around 38%. Almost 3M for this guy, no way.

The last possiblity for the 8th spot is rookie Planinic. He was the 22nd pick in last years draft & the Nets think he has some promise. He hasn't gotten a chance to show it yet but with Rogers & Harris ahead of him in the lineup it shouldn't be much longer. Plus, he is just the type player that the Bobcats would select in a heartbeat. 22 years old & making less than 900K next season. The Nets protect him with the 8th spot.

The New Jersey protected list.

Jason Kidd
Kerry Kittles
Kenyon Martin
Aaron Williams
Richard Jefferson
Jason Collins
Zoran Planinic
Brian Scalabrine

Players New Jersey makes available for Charlotte.

Alonzo Mourning
Rodney Rogers
Lucious Harris

I can't believe what I'm about to do, must be cause it's so late.

The Charlotte Bobcats select Alonzo Mourning.

They bring back the guy that brought life to the first team in Charlotte.

Here is the Charlotte Expansion Draft.

Atlanta ------------- No Pick
Boston ------------- C - Kedrick Perkins -------- $729,500
Chicago ------------ No Pick
Cleveland ---------- G - Kevin Ollie ----------- $2,704,350
Dallas --------------- G - Tony Delk ----------- $3,150,000
Denver -------------- F - Ryan Bowen -------- $1,400,000 (est)
Detroit -------------- No Pick
Golden State ------ No Pick
Houston ------------ GF - Adrian Griffin ---------- $807,546
Indiana ------------- C - Primoz Brezec ------- $1,554,326
L.A. Clippers ------- F - Melvin Ely ------------- $1,742,400
L.A. Lakers --------- No Pick
Memphis ------------ GF - Dahntay Jones ---- $1,143,360
Miami ---------------- No Pick
Milwaukee ----------- F Marcus Haislip -------- $1,655,280
Minnesota ----------- No Pick
New Jersey --------- C- Alanzo Mourning ----- $5,408,700

Total payroll $20,295,492
The 4th pick in the 2004 draft (Charlottes pick) is slotted to make roughly $2,523,200. I have yet to add it in, but I do want to keep it in mind.

Charlotte's payroll next season will be 2/3's of the salary cap. If the cap is 45M then the Bobcats will have about 30M for players.

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Next up the New Orleans Hornets

03-31-2004, 04:40 AM
I can't believe what I'm about to do, must be cause it's so late.

The Charlotte Bobcats select Alonzo Mourning.

They may have the salary space to take on a couple of $5 million+ players (with all the 1-2 million guys they'll be picking up) but I'm guessing that they could find more prudent ways to spend that kind of $.

Or can they? Will any other teams be dangling $5-8 million salaries out there? I guess we won't be able to tell until you're done with all 28 teams.

I would say that if, and only if, there are absolutely no other decent players in that salary range available, then the Bobcats might take Zo.

03-31-2004, 04:45 AM
The Big Question is , Will ZO ever beable to play again , I know he would like to but will his body beable to take it even after the kidney transplant .

03-31-2004, 05:27 AM
The Big Question is , Will ZO ever beable to play again , I know he would like to but will his body beable to take it even after the kidney transplant .

One would suspect that he feels some obligation to Kidd, who vouched for him so strongly. So I'm guessing that he'll give it a shot. The Bigger Question might be, will he be any good?

03-31-2004, 06:43 AM
i think nj throws a party for the charlotte gm who takes zo's contract off their hands...

zo has too many years yet, at too high a price, at too much of a gamble. no way bobcats touch him.

i would also say that lucious harris would be a good choice for the cats. 3M for the next 2 seasons is reasonable for a decent veteran.

03-31-2004, 08:39 AM
I think Jose's got something. No way does Alonzo play again but he used to be very popular in Charlotte and can come in and immediately become the figure head for the team. If he doesn't play, Charlotte will get paid on an insurance policy I'm sure they have. If not, not much to lose off the cap for what he would bring to the team and community of Charlotte.

03-31-2004, 09:26 AM
While I agree with your list of available players & I can even understand your logic in the Mourning thing, I have to disagree with the pick.

Harris would be a good pick, with my choice of players because I don't have them having any real good shooting guards. However, as you point out, his age & his fg% are a detriment.

So I will make my official predicition of no pick.

Atlanta - no pick
Boston - Jumaine Jones $ 1,687,500
Chicago - Chris Jeffries $ 899,040
Cleveland - Kedrick Brown $ 2,332,388
Dallas - Tony Delk $ 3,150,00
Denver - no pick
Detroit - no pick
Golden State - Popeye Jones
Houston - no pick
Indiana - Primoz Brezac $1,554,326
L.A. Clips - Melvin Ely $ 1,742,400
L.A. Lakers - Devan George $ 4,500,000
Memphis - no pick (trade)
Miami - no pick
Milwaukee - Marcus Haislip $1,655,280
Minnesota - no pick.
New Jersey - no pick

03-31-2004, 11:05 AM
The Nets would love to unload the final $17M on the last 3 years of Mourning's contract. There is only one way I see the Bobcats selecting him though.

If the Nets throw in a first round draft pick, the Bobcats select him. The Bobcats will waive him, or he will retire after attempting a comeback..... and insurance will pay the $17M, not the Bobcats.

And since Mourning will be among the players that the Bobcats have under contract, but not on their official roster, his salary will not count against their $30M (est.) salary cap.

It all boils down to how badly the Nets want to rid themselves of Mourning's remaining contract.

03-31-2004, 11:43 PM
If the Nets throw in a first round draft pick, the Bobcats select him.

This is where I wash up as well. I can't see them picking Zo outright, but I CAN see them telling Jersey that they'll pick him up if Jersey sweetens the deal. A future unprotected #1 could be just what the doctor ordered. A good deal for both teams.

04-01-2004, 01:01 AM
I completely see the logic in taking Mourning but I don't see it happening. It would be one thing to take an old, washed up player that was popular there but one that probably won't be able to play? I don't see it really. Maybe if LJ were around though :D

Atlanta - No Pick
Boston - Kedrick Perkins - $729,500
Chicago - No Pick _or_ Eddie Robinson + Draft Pick - $6,767,540 + Pick _or_ $0
Cleveland - No Pick
Dallas - Tony Delk - $3,150,000
Denver - No Pick
Detroit - No Pick _or_ Campbell (in hopes of getting talent for this expiring contract at the deadline) - $4,400,000 _or_ $0
Golden State - No Pick
Houston - Adrian Griffin - $807,546
Indiana - Primoz Brezec - $1,554,326
LA Clippers - Melvin Ely - $1,742,400
LA Lakers - No Pick
Memphis - Theron Smith - $620,046
Miami - No Pick
Milwaukee - Marcus Haislip $1,655,280
Minnesota - No Pick
New Jersey - No Pick

$21,426,638 if they take both Robinson and Campbell. Draft pick from Chicago will add to that though too.
$10,259,098 if they take neither of the above

04-02-2004, 12:32 AM

04-02-2004, 07:10 AM
I think, that Lucius Harris could be the better option