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12-16-2005, 04:50 AM
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Will Galen
12-16-2005, 04:52 AM

Who wants to trade for Ron Artest?
The All-Star forward seems to be a wanted man among players, but a few destinations make more sense than the rest

By Mark Montieth

If it were up to the players around the NBA, Ron Artest would have been traded by now and the Indiana Pacers would have received reasonable value in return.

Players don't make trades, though; they only request them. Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh faces the challenge of finding a general manager, president or owner from one of the league's other 29 teams who is willing to invest risk capital on an unpredictable All-Star forward.

Walsh didn't have much of an update Thursday, which is how it goes during trade talks. Until something can be agreed upon, it's all just friendly conversation.

Walsh has talked with representatives from 15-20 teams. In most cases, he took the call rather than placed it, but offers have not been made in every conversation.

He's resigned to the fact he won't get a player or players as talented as Artest. He's just hoping to get as close as possible, and it seems likely he'll have to work a deal involving more than two teams.

He's been on the phone often with team president Larry Bird, who left Saturday for a 10-day scouting mission in Europe. Walsh will work on the trade alone but will involve Bird in the decision.

If nothing else, the trade demand Artest made shows how big of a shadow he casts throughout the NBA. He's the talk of the league, muffled only partially by the hoopla surrounding Pat Riley's return to Miami's bench. A beat reporter or columnist for virtually every team has felt it necessary to weigh in on whether Artest would fit into the local scenario.

While columnists generally say no to trading for Artest, the vibes from players are more positive.

Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce, who's had many bruising battles with Artest over the years, would love to have him on his side for a change.

"Without question, I definitely wouldn't mind going to war with Ron Artest," Pierce told the Boston Herald.

Golden State's players were of the same mind-set.

"He's one of the top players in this league," Jason Richardson told the Contra Costa Times. "To get a guy like that . . ."

"He'd be great (for us)," Troy Murphy added. "It's too quiet around here."
Nearly one week after Artest asked out of Indianapolis, it remains too early to predict with any certainty where he'll land next, particularly when three-team deals are being discussed. But there's at least a thread of logic leading to five teams:

Golden State

Chris Mullin, who is in charge of the Warriors' personnel, played three seasons for the Pacers and has a strong relationship with Bird and Walsh. He also attended St. John's, like Artest, and knows Artest from the times they crossed paths during offseason workouts on campus.

Mullin also knows that players aren't always as bad as their reputations suggest from having played with Latrell Sprewell in Golden State.

The Warriors (13-8) appear headed for the playoffs but are in no position to challenge for a championship. A player such as Artest could make a major difference.

One Golden State player told the Contra Costa Times he had heard talk of a deal involving Mike Dunleavy and Adonal Foyle for Artest and Jeff Foster.
Besides, Artest's self-assigned nickname is "Tru Warier." Perhaps he would be a good fit for the Warriors?


The Raptors are 4-18 and have nothing to lose but a lot more games.
The Toronto Sun reported a rumor of a deal that would send Artest and the Pacers' second-round draft pick Erazem Lorbek, who is playing one more season in Italy, for Morris Peterson and another player, perhaps Matt Bonner.
The Raptors also have two first-round draft picks for next summer and are willing to trade one of them.

Los Angeles

Both the Lakers and Clippers make sense as a destination for Artest, as does the city of L.A.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson recently called Artest "one of the most valuable players in the league," and "a terrific player who adds a big dimension to every game he plays in" in an interview with Los Angeles reporters.

The Lakers have been trying to trade Devean George, Chris Mihm and Slava Medvedenko. They also might be willing to part with Lamar Odom as part of a package deal.

The Clippers, like Golden State, could take a major step toward title contention with Artest. He's close with Elton Brand, a former teammate with the Chicago Bulls and their New York AAU team.

Starting forward Corey Maggette, who averages 21.7 points but doesn't defend well, is a salary match for Artest but is likely more than the Clippers want to give up.


President/coach Pat Riley would command Artest's respect more than most coaches, and he's certainly proved his willingness to make deals.

Although the Heat are 2-0 since Riley returned to the bench, they're likely to be stuck in Detroit's dust like everyone else in the Eastern Conference.

There's a hole at small forward that could be perfect for Artest, who would like to live in Miami. Backup forward Antoine Walker happens to be a salary match, and Bird has always spoken highly of the former Celtic.

12-16-2005, 04:57 AM
There's a hole at small forward that could be perfect for Artest, who would like to live in Miami. Backup forward Antoine Walker happens to be a salary match, and Bird has always spoken highly of the former Celtic.
I won't use the suicide smiley twice in the same hour, but yowza.

Will Galen
12-16-2005, 04:59 AM
I wouldn't like any of those trades except maybe for Maggette. He's a talent, but there's never a shot he doesn't like.

12-16-2005, 05:12 AM
Employee number eight

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Will Galen
12-16-2005, 05:19 AM
I thought this interesting, Quote} "it seems likely he'll have to work a deal involving more than two teams."

We might get more for Ron that way.

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http://www.pacersdigest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17009 ;)

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http://www.pacersdigest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17009 ;)

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I really do not care for Montieth at alll - seems like all he does is go to hoopshype.com

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