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12-15-2005, 07:09 PM
Obviously there is a lot of talk about what Artest's value is. Different reports have called him a top-10, top-15 or top-20 talent. There also is a lot of discussion about what his value is to other GMs, and here people seem to be looking for different things. I’m curious to find out what your expectations are… not what you want to have happen, but what you think will happen. Are we setting the bar too high or too low?

As I see it, there are four likely outcomes to the trade… obviously the route that DW chooses will be a combination of A) what is our plan for the franchise? Contend now, or build for later – and B) what the market value is/what he sees as the best deal possible. I think we’ll get a package that has one of four core pieces or values.

1. Young prospect(s) – player with good potential… we can build around… for this year, likely to keep Harrison and Granger company
(Howard/Harris/Daniels/Frye/Pietrus etc)

2. Starting material - decent starter with all-around skills… known commodity… replaces some of the on-court loss of Ron
(Harrington/Battier/Odom/Magette etc)

3. All-Star player - would immediately be 2nd scoring option… probably be only player coming back in deal… sign of still trying to contend this year
(Peja/Lewis/Martin/Miller/Szczerbiak etc)

4. Future pick(s) - hopefully in the lottery and likely with a few vets… either expiring contracts or players that will be good soldiers/role players
(Peterson/Howard/Van Horn etc)

Now I’ve just thrown in some examples of the names that have been mentioned, please don’t vote for the player – but for the type of player you would like to see. Try not to base your vote on if you think we will try to contend or rebuild – vote based on what you think Ron’s value is.

Thanks for your input.

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12-15-2005, 10:28 PM
All-Star player (starter by default) + prospect + draft choice.

So my answer is "all of the above".

12-15-2005, 10:52 PM
Anywhere from a donut hole to another all star.... it's too hard to predict, although I think Donnie will pull something off...