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12-15-2005, 02:16 PM
Negotiations are an art.
You NEVER show your cards up front! The opening gambit is always a feint. Do you pay the list price for a new car????? They ask for the moon, then settle for less. You offer dirt, then come up from there. That's the way it works.
Donnie saying we don't want a vet DOESN"T MEAN SQUAT! It's simply to devalue the vets that we MAY want to acquire. I see no way in H*LL that Donnie or ANYONE in the organization is writing off ANYTHING about this season!! Not even close, and anyone that thinks so must be smoking some GOOD *****!!! IF we in fact DON'T want a vet, that simply means they think we are ok as is, without Ron.
In the same way, NY ISN"T going to say, "sure, we'll give you our promising youngsters, how many do you want?" :)
We were a second round team LAST year WITHOUT RON and without Jax and Jermaine for quite awhile, No Harrison, Sarunas OR Granger, a hobbled Foster and Tinsley AND Freddie for cripes sake! Why anyone would expect LESS now is simply laughable.
Get real....................................

12-15-2005, 02:56 PM
I agree to a point.

But last year we also had Reggie's and Dale's influence in the locker room. And everyone generally rallied around an "us against the world" attitude.

We have none of that this year... and seem to be a rather fragmented team at the moment. We have a long long way to go to be considered a T-E-A-M.

I think that is the major concern that everyone is having.