View Full Version : This would be the best trade ever - wishful thinking

12-15-2005, 06:24 AM
Now, I know this isn't earthly possible, and salaries dont match, and international rules have to be ammended, and so on and so on. But the idea sparked into my head, and it had to be told:

Artest & Pollard to Maccabi Tel Aviv, for Anthony Parker & Nikola Vujcic.

You guys probably have no idea, but that sort of trade will get you a ring. Let's just put it this way - talent-wise, IMO, it's close to a wash both offensively AND defensively (no - I'm not joking!). In all other aspects (personalities, teamplay, etc. - AP+NV are WAY better!).

Maybe that's what Bird is "scouting" in Spain? (Maccabi plays Barcelona tonight...)

Ron Artest will be sent to exile in Europe, and specifically Israel - we'll see if he's a TruWarrier or not. Maybe the Holy Land can set him straight. All else has failed...

Just wishful thinking...