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12-13-2005, 06:20 PM
It's been well documented that (well I want to start a new monicker for number 15 as "the name we do not speak of") -"the name we do not speak of" is a charitable guy. Gives back to his community and is a good human being. But aren't we all? So what really is eating "the name we do not speak of"? We could've said then that it was his temper. But he's shown he can control it now and it hasn't really been much of a distraction this season. As much as I want to say he is, those of us who've really been exposed to him know, that he really isn't metally ill. :crazy: A little but but not really. So what is this guy's problem? What is eating him really? Is he retarded?

Well seriously I think he's perfectly normal. Every man has it I guess his is just much bigger. It's no surprise what I'm talking about: "the name we do not speak of" 's biggest demon is his PRIDE. A man who would rather battle the world than to fully accept he is wrong and change. A man who would trash a whole state's love just to get his way. A man who- given the power- will do whatever it takes just to have things his way. Reminds me of that German guy... No not Dirk. More like Hitler. This dude stabbed & humiliated the coach who went out of his way, limbs and dignity to back him up despite it all just to make a stupid point wherein he wants more offensive touches when he already recieves second to the most if not the most touches among the team- and to got out and say he can come off the bench for LbJ. Clearly whatever "the name we do not speak of" ever says and claims is just :bs2: and we should all stop even listening to whatever this guy says because clearly all that ever came out of his mouth is driven by his selfish and foolish pride- whichever way the wind blows his pride to go, that's where his head will be. This is the same guy who said he would be the league's MVP before the season leading to the brawl when he should've been focused on helping his team get over the hump and win a championship. Same dude who refuses to get anger management or counselling after displaying obviously very disturbing anger issues. Would rather drag his personal childhood sob story and talk about his past to use as excuse to justify his unwillingness to get help instead of just getting help and unloading all his baggage to professionals who can seriously help him. But then again he knows himself all too well, as he said he's not Reggie Miller, he's not Larry Bird, he's "the name we do not speak of" therefore he wouldn't listen anyway so why bother? What did it matter to him that last year would've been Reggie Miller's last season? Obviously not much, even before the brawl he was destroying the team already. Let's not even get into his personal issues about threatening women and stuff. He clearly does not give a s*** about the world and any of the people around it as long as he is able to do whatever he feels he wants. So I guess we should all stop caring too.

Send him back to New York! Why not? Let his own people crucify him in the end because seriously, cmon seriously!! Do you really think he truly gives a f*** about New York more than his personal glory? He wants to be there because he wants the glory being that it is his hometown. He probably thinks he's going to be Moses over there and take em to the promised land. But soon enough his pride will take over when he doesn't get things his way and sooner than later all this crap will just happen again and we would be all watching Sportscenter just enjoying the entertainment :lurk: Seriously SEND THIS MEGALOMANIAC TO NEW YORK! ID LOVE TO SEE THAT!!! We ain't scared of you, not New York, hell INDIANA WILL TAKE EM ANY TIME! ANYWHERE! ANY FREAKIN WAY! COZ WE FROM INDY SO YALL GOTTA REKAGNYZ. :sarcasm: You never gave us respect when we gave you more than you ever deserved. Want to talk about heart and determination? it's harder to plant and harvest corn than hustle in the ghetto! You just don't hear farmers glorify themselves over the radio. (i mean this figuratively) :) Like Eddie Gill! Eddie Gill is much more of a true warrior than you ever will be! Doesn't complain, does his job and puts up a smile to every fan (together with their disappointed face) that asks his autograph even when they really want yours or JO's. So learn how to spell.

I also have a new suggestion for our smilies. Let's use his face for a third BS smilie.

12-13-2005, 10:31 PM
is his tiny little brain.