View Full Version : Stern's vision of NBA seems shortsighted these days

The Toxic Avenger
12-13-2005, 02:50 PM

He wants to market to daddies, not Diddy.

He wants little kids, not Lil' Kim.

Now the league wants to bite the platinum chain that feeds it.

The NBA is unique because of its urban appeal. The league should embrace that, not scorn it. It's what the WNBA has done with its lesbian fan base.

Would shorter shorts have stopped Latrell Sprewell from saying he couldn't feed his family on a three-year contract extension for $21 million?

Would they have prevented Ron Artest from going Lennox Lewis on a fan at the Palace of Auburn Hills last season?

Like it or not, the John Stockton shorts can't be the NBA's savior.
:laugh: Thats all pretty good...

Just asking, Has the WNBA really embraced its Lesbian Fan Base... I mean how do you really embrace lesbians in a basketball game?