View Full Version : Tickets for Tonight Memphis 12/10

12-10-2005, 12:58 PM
I have two tickets for tonight, I have them on Ebay and they are only at 46.00 right now they are face of 180.00 for both. They are section 8 Row 21. Last row on Aisle. Heywoode use the seats from the last game so you can see from the pictures he took. I have to get rid of them since I can't make it. I am ending the auction at 4:00 to high bidder and can email the tickets. If you have a ebay account my user id is: pacerscoltsautos. I would sell it here to the highest offer but i can't end the auction now.

12-10-2005, 02:57 PM
I would love to go, but can't. I have plans as well, but at least I'll be watching the Pacers!

I would add that I had a great transaction when I bought tickets from pacersfan123! He is trustworthy and you will not have a problem dealing with him...very nice guy!

The seats are excellent. Last row of the section means that the lowest level of luxury suites are behind you, so no one to bother you from behind....Right on the aisle is nice also, and if you have to run back to get refreshments or go to the bathroom, the staircase is two steps behind you, and the bathrooms are right at the top of the stairs!

The people around those seats seem like season ticket holders too, and they are nice. We had absolutely no problems, and had a lot of fun!

Hope someone gets them because they are worth the face value. Very generous of pacersfan123 to sell them below face; worth every penny! Should still be able to search for the thread I posted the pictures in. It was the Dallas game that I went to....