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Jose Slaughter
03-26-2004, 02:11 AM
This one will be as easy as the Grizzlies was difficult.

From NBA.com, a story on the Bobcats draft.

This paragraph has the basic info.

Charlotte will receive lists from each of the 27 teams not competing in the NBA Finals 10 days prior to the scheduled Expansion Draft (June 12) and those from the competing teams in the Finals within two days of the conclusion of the Finals. Team lists will designate a maximum of eight protected players for that teamís players under contract or restricted free agents for the 2004-05 NBA season. The unprotected players are eligible for selection by the Bobcats, who will draft a minimum of 14 players from NBA rosters.

Free agent info from REAL GM.

Salary information can be found at Hoops Hype

This is the current Heat roster.

Eddie Jones
Brian Grant
Lamar Odom
Dwyane Wade
Caron Butler
Samaki Walker
Bimbo Coles
John Wallace
Malik Allen
Wang Zhizhi
Rafer Alston
Loren Woods
Rasual Butler
Jerome Beasley
Udonis Haslem

The Heat have the NBA max of 15 players but according to REAL GM they have 7 free agents & none of them are restricted.

Here are the 8 Heat players signed for 04-05

Eddie Jones -------- $13,440,000
Brian Grant --------- $13,346,250
Lamar Odom -------- $9,100,000
Dwyane Wade ------ $2,834,160
Caron Butler --------- $1,920,560
Malik Allen ------------- Unlisted
Jerome Beasley ------- Unlisted
Udonis Haslem -------- Unlisted

These are the Heat free agents.

Samaki Walker
Bimbo Coles
John Wallace
Wang Zhizhi
Rafer Alston
Loren Woods
Rasual Butler

The Heat need to make one player available & it's a toss of the coin whether it's Brian Grant or Eddie Jones. I'll say it'll be Jones left unprotected.

Charlotte does not select a player from Miami. (DUH)

Here is the Charlotte Expansion Draft.

Atlanta ------------- No Pick
Boston ------------- C - Kedrick Perkins -------- $729,500
Chicago ------------ No Pick
Cleveland ---------- G - Kevin Ollie ----------- $2,704,350
Dallas --------------- G - Tony Delk ----------- $3,150,000
Denver -------------- F - Ryan Bowen -------- $1,400,000 (est)
Detroit -------------- No Pick
Golden State ------ No Pick
Houston ------------ GF - Adrian Griffin ---------- $807,546
Indiana ------------- C - Primoz Brezec ------- $1,554,326
L.A. Clippers ------- F - Melvin Ely ------------- $1,742,400
L.A. Lakers --------- No Pick
Memphis ------------ G-F - Dahntay Jones ---- $1,143,360
Miami ---------------- No Pick

Total payroll $13,231,482

Charlotte's payroll next season will be 2/3's of the salary cap. If the cap is 45M then the Bobcats will have about 30M for players.

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Next up, the Milwaukee Bucks

03-26-2004, 04:33 AM
Yip, no pick of the heat.

Atlanta - no pick
Boston - Jumaine Jones
Chicago - Chris Jeffries
Cleveland - Kedrick Brown
Dallas - Tony Delk
Denver - no pick
Detroit - no pick
Golden State - Popeye Jones
Houston - no pick
Indiana - Primoz Brezac
L.A. Clips - Melvin Ely
L.A. Lakers - Devan George
Memphis - no pick (trade)
Miami - no pick

Will Galen
03-26-2004, 05:25 AM
Good job as always!

03-26-2004, 05:44 AM
Yip, no pick of the heat.

Atlanta - no pick
Boston - Jumaine Jones $ 1,687,500
Chicago - Chris Jeffries $ 899,040
Cleveland - Kedrick Brown $ 2,332,388
Dallas - Tony Delk $ 3,150,00
Denver - no pick
Detroit - no pick
Golden State - Popeye Jones
Houston - no pick
Indiana - Primoz Brezac $1,554,326
L.A. Clips - Melvin Ely $ 1,742,400
L.A. Lakers - Devan George $ 4,500,000
Memphis - no pick (trade)
Miami - no pick

Total payroll $15,865,654.00

Will Galen
03-26-2004, 08:40 AM
This is fun, but I bet it's more fun for Charlotte.

Another thing, we are looking at teams one at a time whereas Charlotte will get to look at everyone all at once. Consequently whereas we might regard picking a player off of a certain team as a no brainer best pick, that might not be so for Charlotte.

Using the Pacers as an example, if you have already picked Artest, Harrington, and Bender for your team, would you then pick J. Jones, or would you go for Brezac? Same thing with Charlotte, they might pick a lessor player to balance out the roster.

In other words what Charlotte will do is pick the players they really want then balance the roster filling in around them. They will probably pick some players they don't really want because of inducements, either monetarily or draft picks or both.

I didn't pay must attention the the last expansion draft, but I will be paying a lot of attention to this one.

Duh, I believe people could guess I'm paying attention. <shaking head>

03-26-2004, 08:53 AM
Yea, it's kind of tuff doing this one at a time. But Jose is doing a great job of putting up these numbers, so it only makes since to do it this way.

But on your point, I have purposley tried to adjust my picks so as not to keep picking the 6'7" to 6'10" athletic player who can move positions.

Although I do have four of them so far. But I've picked two centers & a couple of point guards.

But as the draft goes on I will try & keep a lid on picking the same kind of player. Although I do retain the right to change my mind. ;)

03-26-2004, 09:27 AM
Will, I have to believe that Charlotte is doing the same thing you are right now. I would go one step further by saying that I bet they may already be talking to GMs about setting up deals to either take their players or trade for draft picks. At the very least, I am sure they are doing some scouting.

Besides, what else do they have to do right now? ;)

Jose Slaughter
03-26-2004, 11:44 AM
A couple more things kindda related to what Will mentioned.

The Bobcats will pick 4th in the draft just a couple days after the expansion draft. By that time they should have a pretty good read on who that pick will be.

They also have a list on free agents that they can go after this summer. I doubt that that list would be large. I think Bickerstaff wants to target just 2 or 3 key free agents.

04-01-2004, 12:40 AM
Atlanta - No Pick
Boston - Kedrick Perkins
Chicago - No Pick _or_ Eddie Robinson + Draft Pick
Cleveland - No Pick
Dallas - Tony Delk
Denver - No Pick
Detroit - No Pick _or_ Campbell (in hopes of getting talent for an expiring contract at the deadline)
Golden State - No Pick
Houston - Adrian Griffin
Indiana - Primoz Brezec
LA Clippers - Melvin Ely
LA Lakers - No Pick
Memphis - Theron Smith
Miami - No Pick