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Q. Why is it that year after year, the Pacers seem to have three to five players with some type of serious or nagging injury going into the preseason? It's talked about quite often how the Pacers players tend to stay in excellent shape in the off-season, yet we have gone through these injuries for at least the past three seasons. Is there any explanation for this? (From Bryan in Frankfort, Ind.)
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A. This doesn't happen only to the Pacers. It just seems that way sometimes. Nagging injuries are standard operating procedure in the preseason because players, no matter how well they condition themselves during the offseason, have to adjust to the increased physical stress of practice and games. The key is to prevent a little injury from becoming a big one, so players are treated with much more caution in the preseason.
For example, both Jermaine O'Neal (bruised thigh) and Danny Granger (sprained ankle) felt like they could've played Tuesday night in New Jersey, but the training staff and coaching staff agreed it would be wiser to allow both the extra time to recover so that their injuries don't become longer-term and therefore much more problematic.

Jeff Foster is being brought back slowly from his hip surgery to prevent a recurrence of the problem that arose last year when the injury cropped back up and became an issue the final two months of the regular season. He remains on track to be ready for the regular season, possibly opening night. David Harrison's situation is unusual because there has been no diagnosis of the mysterious pain in his right side. Stephen Jackson played just eight minutes against the Nets due to a sore thumb, the remains of an injury he suffered during summer workouts.
None of these situations is believed to be serious or long-term and all of the players should be ready for the start of the regular season. Injuries, particularly the nagging and minor variety, are just part of the business this time of year.

so thats why Jax didnt play much :hmm:

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