View Full Version : Jimmie Hunter is winning me over.

10-11-2005, 10:38 PM
He makes me go, 'Oh Snap!'

Ok, bad joke.

So far, 11 points, 3 assists, 1 steal, 3-7 shooting, 1-4 from 3, 4-5 from ft.

10-11-2005, 10:39 PM
Make that 12 points and 5 of 7 from ft.

10-11-2005, 10:42 PM
17 points!

10-11-2005, 10:46 PM
6 minuts 5-10 fg, 2-5 from three, 5-7 ft, 3 assists, 2 fouls, 2 steals, 17 points!

10-11-2005, 10:57 PM
Hopefully, he'll avoid the curse of ....

Who was the guy two years ago that started hot, then played wretched ball the rest of the preseason?

Anyway, Hunter definitely looks better than Walker.

10-11-2005, 11:04 PM
Omar Cook ??

10-11-2005, 11:47 PM
Omar Cook ??I remember watching Omar very well, I wish he would have made it.

10-11-2005, 11:47 PM
Get rid of Gill and get Samaki and Snap.

10-12-2005, 06:45 AM
:woot: GO SNAP! GO SNAP! :woot:

Mr. Pink
10-12-2005, 12:11 PM
I may be the only one that likes Gill. I know he doesn't perform that well on the court, but you never hear about his guy complaining about anything. I know this isn't much, but it seems he always tries to give his best out there on the court. I hope they keep him.

10-12-2005, 01:03 PM
The way Artest is acting, they might need Snap as extra insurance in case Artest... well, snaps!