View Full Version : Free RAZR V3 Phone with New Cingular Service Plan

08-07-2005, 08:47 PM
$99 w/ $100 Mail-in Rebate.

It's the best deal I could find on RAZR Phones.

www.richiec.lightyearalliance.com (http://www.richiec.lightyearalliance.com)

Go to products
Go to Wirelss Solutions
Go to 'Sign-up' (you're not signing up, just picking what you want)

Just plug in your zip code to make sure you can get Cingular Service.

What I did is I ported my number and my wife's number (I got two)-one of which had a contract on it-and I didn't have any early termination fee on the one I had-this should go for anyone that already has a contract with Cingular. Your contract is for two years. You can get shared plans.


08-09-2005, 09:37 AM
I've had some questions on this and this is a company that I have personally partnered with. I got the phones myself (x2) and they are awesome. It is also an excellent business opportunity for those that may be interested in the Telecom Industry. The opportunities are endless and I have already seen financial benefits and I have not been doing very much with this. If you are interested in the Business Opportunity, just go to the web site and click on "business opportunity". If anyone has any questions, PM me and I will give you my contact # to call me for questions.