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01-20-2004, 01:48 PM
The forum brethren will be glad to know that Arkman and I hooked up at Philips Arena to watch the Pacers yesterday. (I looked for his post and didn't see it, so here I go.)

I live in Chattanooga two hours up the road and Arkman (Fletch F. Fletch) lives in Atlanta now, having moved from Indy a year ago.

From the live perspective, my observations:

- Tinsley seems to really be trying. He seems teachable, desiring to fit in, listening to coaches and assitant coaches, grimacing when he makes a bonehead mistake. I was encouraged.

- All three of our marquis players hit clutch shots down the stretch: JO, Artest, and, of course, Reggie's three at the end. These guys are money.

- This was great: At one point Stephen Jackson yelled, "Bull*****" after a foul was called. The ref ingnored it and then Reggie got in the ref's face adn threw a mini temper tantrum -- "you're gonna allow that -- how can you in good conscience not give him a T?" kind of thing. The ref sighed, shook his head sort of angrily and with frustration, and slowly made a little "T" sign with two fingers. Reggie held him accountable. It was beautiful.

- The guys look a lot bigger live. And, to me, they seem more disciplined and you notice how few mistakes are actually made in the larger scheme of things.

- Atlanta has enormous talent. Better coaching or something and they could be a contender.

- Pacers fans are everywhere. We had a bunch in our section behind the bench. When Reggie hit the three, we all went wild.

Finally, the joke, ultimately, is on Arkman and I. We paid 70 bucks for ticket a few weeks in advance. And they ended up going for a dollar. :cry:

01-20-2004, 02:48 PM
I doubt they were selling good tickets like your for $1.00.

What did you think of Phillips arena

01-20-2004, 09:26 PM
Yeah, we were in the section closer to the floor. I might pay 30 bucks more for those. But $69?

Philips Arena: A great place to watch basketball. Never been to Conseco, which is also supposed to be great. You need to ask Arkman, who I presume has experienced both places.

01-20-2004, 11:52 PM
Sorry I'm late with this this. Anyway, it's always fun to meet a fellow forumite and McKeyFan fits right in with all of the good people I've met over the last few years. I had a blast watching the game with him.

One minor correction: I've not even been down here for a month yet, but I'm glad I come across as the wiley Atlanta vet. :D

Philips arena is an awesome venue, very comparable to Conseco as far as overall quality, but can't touch it's feel of course. But a great place to watch a game, very much state-of-the-art. There usually is a horrible crowd for Hawks games, but the holiday drew out a large crowd (a lot of kids off school, etc). And one of the perks of Retro Night was $1 hot dogs, popcorn, and soda! Spent $4 total on food. Very nice.

It was my first time seeing a Pacers road game and it was a cool experience. Funny that the Pacers were actually wearing their home colors, I guess because of the Hawks retro jerseys being solid green. Being the "enemy" was pretty cool though, even though Hawks fans aren't exactly rabid. There was a decent number of Pacer fans in the building, a fair share in our section, and it was hilarious when Reggie hit that dagger '3' there at the end, you could tell exactly who was a Pacer fan because we all jumped up screaming with our hands in the air LOL. There was a lady sitting right behind us who moved from Indy to Atlanta a year ago. She kept talking about how Reggie was her favorite Pacer. McKeyFan and I both mentioned Artest but she had the last laugh and rubbed it in when Reggie did his thing at the end.

As far as the game itself, horrible defense to start, but like the Pacers have been doing a lot lately, they adjusted, kept chopping wood, tightend things up, and just plain wore the Hawks down. The only thing that kept them in it late was some hot perimeter shooting. We were disappointed to see Bender in street clothes.