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Will Galen
07-20-2005, 06:29 PM

NBDL Makes Official Transition To Developmental Role
NBA PR - 07/19 - 2:59 PM EST
The NBDL has changed its name to the NBA Development League to better reflect the future role of the league within the new NBA-NBPA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. Along with the new name, the league has adopted new primary and secondary logos, a new official Spalding Infusion basketball, and several uniform enhancements. In addition to the official name change, the league will also officially adopt the nickname of “D-League” already widely used by fans and players.

“As a result of the new collective bargaining agreement, we will be playing a more important role for the NBA and we want to accentuate that relationship,” said NBA Development League president Phil Evans. “As we continue to enhance our ability to develop talent for NBA teams on and off the court, we want to ensure our affiliation with the NBA is more widely recognized. Although details are still being finalized, seeing future NBA stars developing their skills in the D-League and a direct affiliation with NBA teams has never been more real.”

The new league logo retains the “lay-up” logo man with addition of the “NBA DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE” wordmark. A new secondary logo highlights the “D-LEAGUE” nickname linked in the “lay-up” man. The D-League has adopted royal and navy as signature colors for its icons as well as its new Spalding Infusion basketball, which features a dual-action pump that allows for inflation and deflation of air.

Other changes will include new game uniforms featuring the team nickname on home jerseys and the city name on road uniforms. In addition to distinctive D-League and individual team logos embroidered on the uniform, an NBA team logo will be affixed to the jersey of a player who is assigned to the D-League to help identify his NBA affiliation.

I hadn't heard the delelopment league called the "D" league, and I read a slew of NBA related articles on the net.