View Full Version : Been in the woods for 10 days... whad I miss?

07-17-2005, 10:46 PM
Any news?

07-17-2005, 10:52 PM

Knucklehead Warrior
07-17-2005, 11:03 PM
Artest is a cancer/messiah and could be traded. His head is/isn't on straight now. Some of PD would say it's the last straw if he gets another technical, others would say even murder wouldn't be the last straw.
Bender is well, but is not playing, and could be traded.
Harrison is well, lost/gained weight, and is not playing.
Reggie's still retired, but could come out of retirement.
Foster's hip was operated on, and he's not playing, but he could be traded or he could start if Dale isn't signed, or he could start if Dale IS signed.
Sarunas might/might not be signed by the Cavs.
Kravitz is, well you already know that one.
Bird says any offer JJ gets will be matched, so he may be traded.
The best tenderloin is probably at Sahm's.
Some hate the beach; others love it.

All in all, you probably did better in the woods than we did here. Where did you go?

Oh, and the Cavs are now either the 3rd best team in the East or not even the 3rd best team in the Central.