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07-08-2005, 02:11 PM

It's on the left side, down a bit. Could someone get it?

07-08-2005, 10:53 PM
Freeney still hard at work
Spent Thursday in Phoenix researching an upcoming story on Colts All-Pro defensive end Dwight Freeney. He came by my hotel at 7:45 a.m. and I just got back from dropping him off at the airport. Like literally dropping him off. Before he caught his 9:50 p.m. flight to Los Angeles, he wanted to get a haircut, which had him running late. So instead of him driving me back to my hotel, we drove to the airport. I dropped him off at the gate and hopped in his rented Escalade.

I had never driven an Escalade before. If ever I had the chance to sway Katie Holmes from that Brooke Shields bashing, couch-jumping, Matt Lauer debating nut, this was it. Unfortunately, she wasn't hanging out between Sky Harbor Airport and Hertz.

Anyway, a few notes from my day with Dwight:
# He takes his Seri Mellman diet, which determines which food you eat by your white blood cell count, seriously. Really seriously. As we ate at a Phoenix steakhouse, he sent his empty water glass back for a new one because it had a lemon in it. "I could gain four pounds because of that," he said.

# Dwight works out with Terrell Suggs and Adam Archuleta at Gold's Gym with EvoSport trainer Jay Schroeder. Jay's way has the athletes hooked up to an A.R.P. (Accelerated Recovery Performance) training machine. It's basically like an electroshock device that pumps hydrogen peroxide into your body to quicken your recovery after a workout. When Dwight was finished with his workout, he smiled.

"Seth," he said. "We have a tradition. Every time an outsider comes in to watch us train, we hook him up to the A.R.P. so that they know what it feels like."

I was nervous. I had no workout to recover from. But nonetheless, a trainer wrapped the shock paddies on my hamstrings and turned on the machine to level six. It felt like being electrocuted. My legs were shaking and vibrating, as if trapped inside Dick Vitale's voicebox. "Don't flex your muscles or try to fight back," Freeney said. "This will always win." Then the trainer cranked it up to eight. Then 10. Then he had me do squats. It was bizarre. "First time I tried that," Dwight said, referring to his first A.R.P experience three years ago, "I thought my legs would fall off."

# It's a small NFL world, even in a big city like Phoenix. Dwight and I went to Rehab Plus, where Freeney is getting his surgically repaired left shoulder worked on, and who do we see but his 'Cuse pal, Donovan McNabb. It was my second meeting with Don in seven days after the Madden video game party a week ago.

07-10-2005, 08:07 PM
This is funny. I know Dwight was on the diet but lemon water will make
him gain 5 pounds. We should have a ARP at the get together. See who could
last the longest.