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06-09-2005, 12:33 AM

DB prospect wanted to bid for job with gunshot wound
By Don Brennan, Ottawa Sun

KEMPTVILLE -- A defensive back expected to crack the Renegades roster showed up at camp 11 days ago with a gunshot wound, the Sun has learned.

Daniel Jones, a 23-year-old from the notoriously nasty streets of Compton, Calif., was sent home when he arrived here for physical testing wearing a cast on his left arm.

Coach/GM Joe Paopao confirmed yesterday that Jones had been shot.

"I didn't even ask ... I just know a bullet went through the bone," said Paopao. "The kid wanted to play with it, but I said no.

"It's unfortunate. The kid had ability. He had three interceptions against us in a pre-season game last year (while trying out for the Montreal Alouettes). When we signed him (May 10, Als coach) Don Matthews told me, 'He's probably going to make your team. He's got the fastest feet.'

"When you live in the neighborhood he does ... it was his mom's house ... you don't know if it was a stray bullet, or what. Not every place is perfect. I used to live down there. I know what it's about.

"Sometimes life isn't fair," added Paopao. "I don't want to judge the kid. It's too bad, he worked hard, he wanted to play. Maybe down the road."

Defensive lineman Jerome Haywood is familiar with Compton, as his grandmother lived there.

"It's not as bad as people think ... it just has its bad areas," said Haywood. "You still don't walk around there wearing any old colours ... you've got to be colour conscious."

06-10-2005, 03:00 AM
Got to love the heart that player has. Sucks for him. Reminds me of Dennis Wheathersby, probably a late 1st round pick and then he goes to his old hood and gets shot and that ****s his career up.