View Full Version : Gravel Trucks and the inevitable loose pebble...

06-01-2005, 02:06 PM

I was following a gravel truck on 465 today, and not very close, I might add!

A loose piece of gravel flew out and struck my windshield, causing a starburst crack and a hairline coming from it! ARGHHH!

Anyone had any experience with glass repair for autos around Indy/Greenwood?

06-01-2005, 03:32 PM
I did, but its been a long time ago.

I will say one of my best investments since I moved to NC has been the additional windsheild coverage offered by my auto insurance.

And additonal $1 per month. They pay for any repairs or windshield replacement.

I've had to have 2 replaced in 6 years. More than paid for itself.....