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05-19-2005, 03:17 AM
Thank God for game 6 in this series. The Pacers actually have a chance, at home, to tie this series and force a game 7 against the higher seeded and favored Pistons.

Home hasn't always been friendly for these Pacers but that can't be blamed on the fans this season who have been terrific. But home or away at least there is a game 6. The Pacers get a chance to redeem themselves for a couple of questionable games. Both coaches and players get a chance to put some questionable minutes behind them. Win or lose, HOW they play the game will be important.

I know this season has to have weighed heavily on these players but I can't imagine they want to see it end with a third game like the past two. To see that it doesn't, it has little to do with the Pistons and more to do with the Pacers. From coaches to players the ball is in their court. That doesn't mean if they 'play the right way' they automatically come away with a win. It means they 'play the right way' and keep their hearts (and heads) into the game and that goal will be in reach. Against a team like the Pistons that is all that you can hope for. This includes coaching as well. This is an elmination game. There's no reason to save anything for 'tomorrow' nor is there any reason to play it conservative if things start slipping away. There's no reason not to bruise any egos if someone decides to deviate from the plan. or is unable to pull their own weight.

These are highly paid professional athletes. They shouldn't need any outside motivation to 'play the right way' but if they do all they need to look at is the fact this is an elmination game, and a chance to tie the series, and it is on the Pacers' homecourt in front of their fans and their hometown media.

Win or lose, hopefully they make us proud to be Pacer fans when the final buzzer sounds. That's all that we can ask for.


05-19-2005, 03:20 AM
The fact that they even got this far is amazing in itself. I did not think they would make the playoffs, and I did not think they would get past Boston. Pushing Detroit to 6 has been a fun ride, and I will always be proud of the team this year.

And I look forward to next year, where if things go right for a change, we could be sitting pretty.

05-19-2005, 05:54 AM
All in all, the season could end tomorrow and I would be ok with it. Its had its ups and downs, but at least we got to see some vintage Reggie before he retired, which might not have happened if everything went as expected. Overall, this season has made me more proud to be a Pacers fan than ever before and I dont think I need to explain why.

That said, my one wish is for BOTH teams to show up and play a hardfought game. I dont think theres been one game in this series where both teams have played to their full capability at the same time. Id like to see some good ol' fashioned competition, and win or lose, Ill be happy. Of course Id be crazy to not be happy if the Pistons play crappy and we go on to game 7

P.S. Dont think this means Im giving up on my team, Ive still got my championship hopes :)

05-19-2005, 08:29 AM
my thoughts on game 6.....

if the pacers will just make the open looks they are getting... (and they are getting plenty of good looks)... they will, at the worst, give themselves an opportunity to win.

05-19-2005, 08:49 AM
If RM continues to misfire, or during his rest stage, I'd like to see a spell of JJ at the 3 and Jax2 at the 2. Just to see. Preview of next year....somewhat.

05-20-2005, 02:49 AM
Thank God for game 6 in this series.
Win or lose, hopefully they make us proud to be Pacer fans when the final buzzer sounds. That's all that we can ask for.


Tonight, I think it is safe to say they did just that.

Thank you Pacers.

I'll try and collect some thoughts on this season a little later. I think giving it a few days will help with perspective. I had intentions of recording this game but as it turned out I was lucky to see it at all. The power went out this afternoon and was out for about 8 hours!!! I had to watch the game on a battery powered 20 year old B/W 4.5" TV. It actually was good that it was on ABC or otherwise I couldn't have gotten it at all (No satellite without AC power). I had a meeting this afternoon that pretty much shot down my chances of attending the game in person. I will kick myself for that for a long while.