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Jose Slaughter
05-11-2005, 12:38 PM

All this guy does is win. Sarunas Jasikevicius is one of the few players who have won this title three times now, more than Drazen Petrovic, but equal with Toni Kukoc. Looking at Jasikevicius, what do we see? The answer is easy: One of the best PGs and shooters in the world, with the type of fiery attitude that just refuses to lose. After all the compliments weve thrown his way over the past year and change, there really just isnt much left to say.

The Lithuanian played two tremendous games which secured him the MVP title. In the first game Saras controlled the game against Panathinaikos in a way which didn't seem dominant, but still made all the small things happen on the court to help his team secure the win. Once again he gave his fans something to go crazy about with two gorgeous back to back assists thanks to his superior court vision The final game was framed by Jasikevicius and his outstanding demonstration of leadership. Whenever Maccabi needed points, whenever his teammates and the fans needed something to get excited about, the answer came from who else? Jasikevicius. With back to back three pointers and assists he secured the win for his team. Throughout the game he kept making NBA caliber moves, displaying his dominance at this level and maybe going out on the highest note possible.

So, is there anything we didn't know about him that he showed here? No, weve seen this many times over the past five years, at every level he has played at. Jasikevicius didn't change and it is doubtful that he will anytime soon. He plays his game in a consistent way, usually finding different ways to lead his team in points, assists or whatever else is needed to secure the win. Without a shadow of a doubt, Jasikevicius is one of the best Point Guards the world has to offer.

And now another question which has been asked many times already: Is there any chance to see him in the NBA next year? That all depends on the NBA, because Jasikevicius appears to be more ready than ever. There will be many discussions going on this summer. Rumors say that the Cavaliers and Pacers would be interested. Others should be too. Jasikevicius always said that he likes to play for Maccabi, but would consider all offers after the season from both the NBA and Europe. Hes made no secret at all this past year about his interest in securing an excellent job in the States. After all that hes accomplished in his career, nobody can claim that he's not good enough for the NBA anymore.

by Sadik Iliman

05-11-2005, 01:31 PM
Sorry, no cap room for FA's.

What ever happened to Fushka???

05-11-2005, 01:47 PM
Sorry, no cap room for FA's.

What ever happened to Fushka???
I think that he would have to be drafted first.

05-11-2005, 01:59 PM
Jose, I take it you have officially given up on this season, and have worked your way on the the draft?


05-11-2005, 06:41 PM
I never listen to reports of how great Euro's are, ever since Chicago said Toni Kukoc was the "European Jordan". :rollout:

But I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Larry loves him. Not saying that's a good thing, but I wouldn't be surprised.

05-11-2005, 07:06 PM
I'd love to get this guy as our 3rd PG / Tins insurance. He is a winner and would give us a different look to AJ when Tins comes out. However with our salary cap situation, pressing needs to resign DD and JJ, I just cant see it happening. Unless LB and DW have some monetary trickery figured out...

Can free agents be signed via a sign-and-trade?

Jose Slaughter
05-11-2005, 07:59 PM
Jose, I take it you have officially given up on this season, and have worked your way on the the draft?


Not at all.

I still think we can make it past Detroit & give the Heat some trouble too.

I just like keepin' up on things.

05-11-2005, 08:45 PM
Well, to quote myself from a recent thread:

"I agree that we SHOULD look to trade our 17th pick. This team has a window of opportunity where everyone is meshing and at comparable skill levels and to bring a rookie in adds nothing to the team. He will sit. I think it's essential that we trade our pick for a guy with a couple of years experience who can contribute right away.

The way the team is set up right now, we're contractually locked in with the players we have. I think Austin's player option kicks in and you can bet he's gonna opt to stay and get PAID, whether he plays or not. Foster, Bender & Pollard all take very nice little chunks out of our payroll for marginal production, if we're going to be honest about it.

We basically can't make any moves for 2-3 years anyway, so keeping our 17th pick is most likely a future move and DW will probably do as you say bball. I couldn't agree with you more.

For me, a move that I think is feasible and beneficial to this team would be to position ourselves to get Sarunas Jasikevicius. Now the question of course is "Where would he fall in the draft?" Could he fall to 17? Could we manuvuer higher to get him? Should we? I'd like to package our pick with another player and get a somewhat seasoned guy.

I think the key for us is to get a mature player who falls within our team scheme."

Persoanlly, I think Sarunus has a game that fits with the Pacer mindset, plus I like that he can play PG/SG.

Jose Slaughter
05-12-2005, 12:24 AM
Breaking news Scott.......

Jasikevicius is 29 & is past the age for being drafted.

He is a FA & can sign with anyone.

05-12-2005, 12:47 AM
Foster, Bender & Pollard all take very nice little chunks out of our payroll for marginal production, if we're going to be honest about it.

Yeah, that 3.8mil/year we paid for Foster really looks like a bad deal right now, doesn't it? :flirt:

05-12-2005, 05:51 AM
Sarunas played bball at Maryland and went undrafted coming out of college.

I'm uncertain about his defense, but he is everything I think the Pacers need in a backup point guard offensively. Jasikevicius is a guy who can get and make shots and knows how to pass. It looks to me like he could be signed for an Anthony Johnson type contract, probably with a player option built-in as quickly as allowed.

If the Pacers do not go more up tempo next year I will be disappointed. A team with Jamaal, Steve, Ron, JO and Jeff or Dale is capable of getting a lot of points in transition.

The reason I think a trio of Jamaal/AJ/Sarunas could work is that the Pacers could easily play with two of these three on the floor at certain times of the game.

If I were Donnie and Larry, I would be looking to build a team that can get up and down the court and that can score from every place on the floor. This style is fan friendly and efficient. JO is a very good player, and a valued post up player, but we don't want to depend on him totally for scoring.