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05-07-2005, 01:31 AM

he would be a nice acquisition

after drafting marlin jackson and hayden, and the possibility of law
our D is looking good for the future

05-08-2005, 11:53 AM
I'd love to have him on the team, of course his health is my main concern. If he shows he's healthy, I think he's just what we need to get over the hump.

05-09-2005, 12:31 AM
Since the NFL put more emphasis on pass interference and illegal touching, I now believe that there is no such a shutdown corner anymore. I do believe however that if he is healthy he can make major contributions to our defense and it won't hurt that he has to few rings too.

06-27-2005, 01:02 PM
As we enter the real offseason (when only hard-liners like Tom Brady will be working out at facilities now -- and I'm not kidding about that one), here's my question of the month: Where's Ty Law going to play this year?

"I'm going to be the best cornerback in football this year,'' Law told me the other night, from his home in Aliquippa, Pa., after returning from a workout with the Jaguars. "I'm just not sure where that's going to be yet.''

The next three weeks are going to be absolutely dead in footballville. Bill Belichick will be on his beloved Nantucket. Brian Billick disappears to the wilds of Minnesota. Bill Parcells goes to the barns at Saratoga Race Course at dawn. Fred-Ex Mitchell's going to Brazil. And so on. Coaches will start filtering back to work between July 18 and July 25. (This column will take the next three weeks off too, and reappear July 25, the day I leave on my 17-day training-camp odyssey.) Until then, not much will happen in the NFL. Except some teams will flirt with Ty Law.

"I'm still the best out there until someone proves he's better,'' he said.


Well, that's debatable. Highly debatable. Last time we saw Law, he was limping off the field in Pittsburgh on Halloween afternoon with a serious foot injury. He had suffered a fracture in his left foot, which healed by late in the season, but also had a Lisfranc ligament sprain, which didn't heal and which Law claims was not diagnosed by the Patriots medical staff. It wasn't until he went to see Dr. Mark Myerson, one of the country's foremost foot and ankle specialists (he operated on Terrell Owens after T.O.'s ankle injury last season), that Law learned he had the ligament sprain. "If it had been diagnosed on time,'' Law told me, "I'd have been ready for someone's minicamp. But now I'm about 85 percent and I know I'll be fine for training camp.''

The question is where. "I had a good workout in Jacksonville,'' he said. "They told me, 'Play corner,' and I went and did all the drills -- plant, cut, do every angle you can possibly do, sprint. I was fine. Now Miami wants me to come back and visit. But if you can't afford Patrick Surtain [who was dealt to Kansas City in April], how can you afford me? The Jets are interested. Kansas City called again. Tampa Bay faxed an offer. Indianapolis is in it. I got an offer, sight unseen for $2.5 million for one year. If I wasn't ready, I'd just take it. But I'm going to be ready to play and that's not the kind of contract I should get. Before they signed Surtain, the Chiefs gave me, like, a $42 million offer. But it was structured so bad that I'd probably only make $10 million before they'd cut me. So I didn't do it.''

But making a judgment on Law now is difficult. One coach of an interested team told me, "I want to wait to see what he looks like right before camp, if he's still on the street, before we commit to making him an offer. He's 31, coming off a major injury, and he's still not 100 percent. If we do anything, it won't be for a lot of money.''

In fact, this coach told me (and this is a coach who needs a corner) his team would probably offer Law only the minimum. But will any team out there offer Law, say, $6 million to sign, as part of a four-year, backloaded, heavily incentived deal? I think that's what would be fair if and only if you trust him to give you a couple of healthy years.

Two things I had to ask Law about: his weight, and his relationship with Belichick, whom Law called a liar last year when the Patriots didn't give him the contract he felt was fair.

I told Law there were people in the NFL world who were worried that he'd gotten fat from all his inactivity. "I heard that,'' he said. "You know, I went six months non-weight-bearing. (Meaning he couldn't put any weight on his foot.) I usually report to camp at 200 and play at around 205. Being non-weight-bearing, I was probably on the plus side of 220, but I never weighed myself. Who's not going to gain some weight when you can't put any weight on your leg for half a year? I was bedridden, basically. Come on. I can't recall an offseason where my weight didn't go up anyway, and I never was overweight entering training camp.''

On Belichick: "We have a good relationship. When I saw him at our Super Bowl ceremony a couple of weeks ago, we shook hands. We hugged. I have no bitterness whatsoever toward Bill Belichick. He was great for my career. When it's all said and done, I was a great player before he got to the Patriots, but we worked together and won three Super Bowls together. I think what happened last year was the business side of football. The Patriots had one idea of how much I should make, and I had another idea. You can't blame a team for trying to cut a player's pay, but you can't blame a player either for not letting it happen. Sometimes business gets emotional. You put your heart and soul into something, and some team doesn't want to pay you what you're supposed to make, and it hurts. But we got over it. We squashed everything in training camp, forgot about it, and moved on. After the season, I asked for my release, and I respect Bill for giving it to me. He could have waited. Lots of players have to wait till June, but Bill released me and let me go about my business. I will have a good relationship with Bill when football is over.''

The Law I talked with for 45 minutes the other day was eager to prove a lot of people wring, but I noted after the call that he said a couple of times he didn't want go somewhere just to be able to beat the Patriots. He wants to play for a contender, but he also wants to be paid. It'll be interesting to see if anyone forks over a bonus, or if Law will have to sign a one-year deal and prove he deserves real money in 2006. I expect we'll have an answer by a month from today, when the training camp doors open leaguewide.

06-28-2005, 12:36 PM
Law would be a nice addition to the Colts, even if he is injured. The things he could teach others and that championship expierence is simply priceless. Plus if the Colts match up against the Patrioits Law could be just what the Colts need to get over the hump.