View Full Version : The saddest thing I've read about the Colts all off-season

05-03-2005, 12:32 PM
Question: With the Colts only selecting one linebacker in the draft, and late, will that necessitate a free-agent acquisition or increase the possibility of re-signing Rob Morris? Where do you see them going for the help they need? (Bill from Atlanta, Ga.)

Answer: That was one of the questions I posed to Bill Polian after the draft. Itís possible the team will stand pat with the players they have. Right now, Gary Brackett is the projected starter backed up by fifth-round draft pick Tyjuan Hagler.

I believe there is a decent chance Rob Morris will be re-signed. He had a solid season in 2004 and probably would be the best option for this year.


Hello 2005/6 season, I can't wait to lose in the playoffs again! I love having a terrible defense with Rob Morris making 90% of his tackles on his back, and Polian seemingly unconcerned that we never improve our D.

What happened to the Derrek Brooks rumors? Please come back rumors, you're my only hope.

05-03-2005, 12:42 PM
I didnt understand the rationelle behind drafting 72 defensive backs and not picking up a MLB to replace "BIG PLAY" Rob either. Maybe some of our picks from last year will step up. Gardner maybe? or is he more of an outside backer?