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04-21-2005, 12:40 AM
It was bittersweet knowing that this is the end of his long, and storied basketball career. It's sad knowing that next year, he won't be out on the court getting passes coming off those picks for open three point shots.

I'm selfish in that I'd love to see him come back next season as Pacers' fans everywhere do, since we know he's got a lot of game in him, but tonight, he got exactly what he deserved.

Conseco Fieldhouse was packed for him, and many of his former teammates came back to show their support for Uncle Reggie. Reg has never been the quickest, the most athletic, the tallest, but he has a tremendous work ethic that made him better than most people ever thought he could be. He's a role model for younger players, as he plays the game the way it should be played. He studies the film, he's the first guy in the gym and the last one to leave, and he's always been in top physical shape and hardly ever misses a game.

He's an even bigger role model off the court with his numerous unannounced trips to hospitals to visit sick children, or his unannounced visits to elementary schools when he visits classrooms to read to children.

He's touched so many lives in the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and Pacers fans everywhere. We truely have been blessed to witness a man of his character, and intregity, and Reggie is right when he said that we did grow up together.

Thanks Reg. We love you, and we'll miss you. We'll always be apart of each others lives.

04-21-2005, 12:43 AM
This game proved one thing to me, Pacers fans can actually get to the game on time and they actually can stay until the game is over. I was beginning to think Conseco had moved to LA