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Will Galen
04-14-2005, 03:28 AM


April 13, 2005 -- INDIANAPOLIS The Pacers are cockroaches in a most complimentary sense.
They simply will not die. Take away Ron Artest; they stay in the hunt. Separate Jermaine O'Neal's shoulder; they band together. Deal them back-to-back defeats, as the Nets did last month; instead of imploding, they climb from eighth to fifth place.

"That just shows the character of that team," said Net Jason Kidd. "They didn't stop playing. They kept plugging away and found a way to win. They've got a veteran crew that understands how to win and they've got a very good coach."

And that coach, Rick Carlisle, receives the credit from Cliff Robinson, who played for him in Detroit. Carlisle also was an assistant in Portland when Robinson was there.

"He never gets worried about anything, he never shows any kind of nervousness about the situation. [After the brawl] in Detroit, they could have easily packed it in, but he's the type of coach who wouldn't let them do that," Robinson said of Carlisle.

It is complimentary the way Kerber is using it, but I still don't care for the comparison. I HATE COCKROACHS!

04-14-2005, 04:48 AM
No kidding! Thanks, but no thanks. The Pacers aren't pretty resilient, they are very, very resilient. A better analogy is a big ball of snow going downhill really fast that keeps getting bigger, and bigger... :D