View Full Version : Pacers, Bulls, Celtics, Pistons have a lot in common

04-13-2005, 09:26 AM
Each of these four teams have very similar records over the last 20 & 30 games. Actually, the last 30 games represent the best stretch of the season for each of these teams.

Here's the win/loss record for each team for these two spans:

LAST 20 GAMES: 14-6
LAST 30 GAMES: 20-10

LAST 20 GAMES: 14-6
LAST 30 GAMES: 20-10

LAST 20 GAMES: 14-6
LAST 30 GAMES: 22-8

LAST 20 GAMES: 13-7
LAST 30 GAMES: 19-11

The Celtics, of course, had a nice run back in February that skews these numbers and the Pistons are hot right now. They're going in opposite directions right now.

The Pacers and Bulls wins and losses have been very sporadic over the last 30 games, both with extended losing streaks of at least 3 games followed by winning streaks.

What these numbers show me is that:
1. The Pacers are playing very good basketball.
2. The Bulls and Pistons would be very tough first round opponents.
3. The Celts are really struggling and would probably be the best opening round opponent for the Pacers.

I'd be interested to see how New Jersey has played during these same spans but I doubt they're going to make the playoffs anyway so I don't really care that much.

At least I'm not as afraid of Chicago now that I see that they are playing on par with the Pacers, record wise, during that span.