View Full Version : The stricter calls: an advantage or disadvantage for us in the play-offs?

04-10-2005, 05:14 PM
Something I have been wondering about is how will we do in this year's play-offs? I know, I know it sounds like the one million dollar question, but the reason I ask has to do with the way ref's have whistled this season.
And than particularly on calling more fouls at the perimeter on elbows, knees and hands than previously.

We all know in the play-offs the defense take up an extra notch, but what I want to know is could we actually benefit now, in these play-offs, by those calls? I think it could on one hand, we are a outside shooting team mainly now, so when the opposing teams start making more fouls, more calls SHOULD go our way.

I used "SHOULD" in capital letters, because well if those same fouls are beying made over and over again, referees might actually hold back on calling because some sides would likely, forinstance the Bulls, be ending multiple games in one round with 3, 4 or more players on the bench with the max. number of fouls, leading to a lot of complaints and pressure from the that teams and the fans of that team. Also, remember it IS the play-offs and the ref's might just let it go under the banner of "more defensive intensity" and let it go, because of the stakes, etc.

So, anyone have an opinion on this?


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